Sep 272012

Mark Hasiuk brings up a really good point (okay, more than one) about the bones uncovered at a construction site in Marpole, British Columbia: Whose bones are they?

The Musqueam band immediately claimed the bones as those of their ancestors, putting an immediate halt to excavation and an immediate campaign to extract millions of taxpayer dollars from the government. Without any carbon dating, without any forensic tests, and without any semblance of common sense, the government has promised more than sixteen million dollars to the Musqueam. Something doesn't smell right here, folks, and it's more than just that pile of old bones.

  One Response to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: Musqueam Bones? Who Says?”

  1. Here we go again – another blatant extortion racket regarding property from the same shysters who tried to extort thousands of dollars from property owners in the 1980’s claiming that the owners owed the band thousands of dollars in “leases” on disputed aboriginal band. The band got “support” from the Federal Court and nearly lost all of the value of their property in the process and had to go all the way to Federal Supreme Court in Ottawa to get true justice and most of the value of their property back!

    I want to know how come the Provincial Govt is lashing out over 16 million without any form of legislation going to the legislature and for no good reason – no incontavertible proof from anthropologists and patholigists that the bones were Musqeam ancestors being offered in a coroners enquiry or an equivalent court of law!

    We need the taxpayers federation to come in and file a cease and disist order on the province until an official enquiry is held and that the band can prove beyond all reasonable doubt that these are the bones of Musquam ancestors and that a far more reasonable compensation can be awarded like $1 million NOT $16million, and paid by the developer and not the taxpayer!

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