Sep 202012

Mark Hasiuk speaks with John Stackhouse, journalist and theologian. Among the topics: How questioning your faith can make you much stronger and more fulfilled. Professor Stackhouse, a prolific writer, currently teaches at Regent College in Vancouver, BC.

  One Response to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: The Benefits of Questioning Your Faith”

  1. The consequences to a society replacing The Ten Commandments and The Christian Eternal Perspective, in Government, Law, and Education, with the morality of the Love without meaning of Kinsey Sex Education, and Murder without guilt of Abortion on demand, AKA the Creed of, Politically Correct Relativism are dire. How many more Luka Magnotta’s is this New Creed producing? They say it is not right to change any Culture, but they changed our Western Civilizations Creed.

    ” Leaders ought to be servants, leadership ought not to entail license to promote selfish goals,instead leadership exists for the sake of the people to empower the whole people of The Lord to do His will in speech, in faith,and in purity. Jesus provided the foundation for this understanding of leadership when he instructed his disciples as to how they should relate to each other.” Stanley J.Grenz the year he left for New Jerusalem.

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