Sep 172012

Join Ron Gray as he interviews Kari Simpson about the Rafe Mair editorial that sparked the lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Included are re-enactments of court testimony, and a "CBC Forum" excerpt that clearly exemplifies Rafe Mair's lies.

  One Response to “Drive For Justice 14: The Editorial that Sparked the Lawsuit”

  1. The Popular Media’s microphone man or woman make big money promoting their masters agendas. If someone like Kari Simpson disagrees with them, and thus exposes their sophism with verifiable scientific facts, but at the same time showing them love with respect, they then turn off her microphone so she can’t defend herself. After this they regularly make up stories insulting the person who has shown, by using empirical data, the total falsehood of what microphone man is selling. This is typical of the popular media, and folks who have forgotten objective thinking follow microphone man, or woman like the mice followed The Pied Piper.
    Professor Tom Landers took me with him to lots of debates. It is rare when the Popular Media are neutral, because they then get into trouble from their masters who pay them. Remember how they treated Chris Kempling, his wife, and children when he wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the dangers of legalizing homosexuality, and thus asking adult schoolteachers to now normalize this morbid behavior to impressionable innocent schoolchildren, as a so-called human right and social justice. The Public Health Agency Of Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report, The Centers For Decease Control. The Deceases that cause the mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract, which are endemic in the homosexual population prove the morbidity of Sodomy. What kind of democratic adults would do or allow this? In a democracy the citizens are politically accountable and responsible for the laws of our land, because whatever you legalize becomes a so-called human right and social justice normalized to impressionable schoolchildren, by adults who ought to know better.

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