Sep 102012

Ron Gray recounts the period of time in 1997 when Rafe Mair and other talk show hosts on radio station CKNW deliberately silenced a story that other news outlets were featuring in front page headlines and top stories- some for 3 days straight! In an obvious attempt to bolster Rafe Mair’s lies about Kari Simpson, CKNW scandalously kept its listeners from the truth – only presenting Mair’s continuing vilification of Simpson and refusing to inform listeners about the true facts!

  2 Responses to “Drive For Justice 13: CKNW’s Conspicuous News Blackout”

  1. The Media, ought not to be promoting the legalizing and normalizing of homosexuality to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten, as NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, and others are lobbying to do. NAMBLA’s motto is,” sex before eight or else it’s to late.” When a morbid act is legalized, it becomes a so-called human right and social justice, and starts to be normalized to schoolchildren from Kindergarten ,by adults who ought to know better. NAMBLA and their friends know that the School,Government,Law Courts and the Media are the most competent social engines in influencing young minds, and regulates how they ought to function in society. That is the reason they insist in getting into our schools and teaching impressionable children about what they call proper sex procedures. The Public Health Agency Of Canada’s HIV and AIDS In Canada Surveillance Report, The Centers For Decease Control , the Deceases that cause the mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract, which are endemic in the homosexual population prove how morbid sodomy is.
    Our concern cannot be called homophobia, heterophobia or discrimination of any kind, but common sense proven by verifiable scientific facts.

    In 2005 the majority in Parliament and The Supreme Court Of Canada legalized an activity that most Canadians considered to be criminal. This made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles, as a so-called human right and social justice. The majority of the Popular Media ,and Politicians told the Public that it was much a do about nothing. When our Gate Keepers like Professor Tom Landers ,Hilda Crieg, Dr. Walter Szetela, and many friends across Our Nation informed Canadian citizens, the majority believed it was much a do about something. Many parents contacted our Gatekeepers and we politically organized Canadians across Canada from all faiths and agnostics to pressure Parliament to Pass a Bill into Canadian Law raising the age of sex consent to end this evil law, as a so-called human right and social justice. In 2008 our democratic political work succeeded as, a Pro-Traditional Family Values MP presented a Bill in Parliament to raise the age on sex consent, and it passed to become Canadian Law.

    Now, The N D P sponsored Transgendered bathroom Bill C-279 was rushed through The House Of Commons, and allowed to pass second reading on June 6,2012, to be reviewed by The Standing Committee On Justice and Human Rights. Bill C-279 will add Gender expression and Gender Identity to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This would allow men to gain legal access by right to use women’s bathrooms, thereby providing the legitimized access that sexual predators desire. This puts our women and children at risk. At second reading only Conservative MP’s voted against this Bill. “NO” MP from any other Party opposed this Bill. However 15 Conservative MP’s voted in favor of Bill C-279, ignoring arguments made by the majority in their own Government. 16 Conservative MP’s did not vote on the Bill at all including Prime Minister Stephen Harper ,and his hand picked homosexual Cabinet Minister John Baird. There were 150 Yeas and 132 Nays. If the Conservative Government had been united in voting against this Bill ,Bill C-279 the Transgendered Bathroom Bill would not have passed second reading.
    How our MP’s vote on these Bills is on the Government website

    The concept that ,what is legal is moral, has been used to manipulate people to legalize evil throughout history. Moral Gate Keeper, Edmund Burke’s conclusion rings true. When so called good people are wrapped up in their own so-called goodness, and look no further at the consequences on society of what they allow their politicians with the help of the popular media to legalize, then they can be talked into legalizing almost anything. In a democracy the citizens are thus politically responsible and accountable for The Laws Of Our Land.
    Citizen be careful what you allow to be legalized in a society gone stark raving mad, as it becomes a so-called human right and social justice, normalized by adults who should know better, to innocent impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten.

  2. Of course. Look no further than Sean “conflict of interest” Palmer and his views that the present government has done nothing wrong. It is incredible that the underground has to refute the lie spread by the mainstream media and their political friends in the Liberal party.

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