Aug 242012

This Tuesday, received the great news that our video server Vimeo had restored all 216 of our videos after a convicted sex offender complained that he was mentioned in one of our news reports. Vimeo agreed that RoadKill Radio was not being hateful, defamatory, or had been in violation of any law, court order, or Vimeo‘s own Terms and Conditions.

Barely an hour later, our website host Bluehost asked us to remove any posts mentioning that same convicted sex offender. RoadKill Radio continues to be harassed by this man!

To Bluehost‘s credit, they opened a dialog with us before doing anything rash. As of this posting – and as detailed in today’s video – Bluehost has told us that we may:

  1. use the last name of the wannabe censor, Mr. Flanders, and
  2. post links to any off-site supplemental material about Mr. Flanders – such as news stories, pictures, videos, and Maine’s Sex Offender Registry – as long as that material does not actually reside on Bluehost servers.

That’s not completely in accordance with the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, but it’s a start. Once again. we’ve had to retain legal counsel to ensure that your right to information and our right to free speech is protected.

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