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August 21, 2012

RoadKill Radio triumphs over bullies:

All RKR videos restored by Vimeo

August 21, 2012 (RKR News)—RoadKill Radio, a feisty free-speech, pro-life and pro-family North American news and public affairs Internet site that has now posted more than three million on-line hits, announced today that they have successfully quashed attempts by a convicted sex offender to silence them.

Earlier this month, a registered sex offender convicted for sexually abusing a minor male persuaded Vimeo, the on-line hosting service used by, to take down more than 200 videos produced by RKR; he alleged that one video, a news report about his million-dollar lawsuit against Brian Camenkar of MassResistance—a pro-truth organization in Massachusetts—was “discriminatory” and violated a fraudulently obtained restraining order he possessed.

When Vimeo received the sex offender’s complaint, they quickly took down that RKR interview—only informing RoadKill Radio after the fact.

RKR General Manger, Jim Lawter appealed to Vimeo, asking them to clarify their position; but there was initially no response from Vimeo. Then, when RKR uploaded a new, updated interview with Camenkar, Vimeo accused RKR of “re-posting” a deleted video (which was untrue) and further notified RKR that they had reviewed other videos and found them to be in “violation of section 7 of the terms and conditions of their contract.” Vimeo went on to advise RKR that all of their videos had been removed, and RoadKill Radio would be prohibited from renewing their contract with them.

RKR News host and free speech warrior Kari Simpson is no stranger to the tactics of lies and misinformation used by sex activists to manipulate the gay-dumb media to pander to the sex activists’ agenda. Unlike most civil-minded Canadians, who typically wither and retreat, Simpson fired off a letter to the American run corporation Vimeo demanding that they honour their contract; RKR then retained Charles LiMandri, a respected American lawyer who is a noted defender of the law and the Constitution’s protection of free speech. Mr. LiMandri sent a follow-up demand to Vimeo.

RoadKill Radio General Manager Jim Lawter said the news site’s efforts to reverse the deletion were materially helped by two important news services: LifeSite News and Sun News Network ; and by RoadKill Radio’s global network of fans and supporters. Further, by Brian Camenkar of Mass Resistance who courageously posted the video interview on his website after Vimeo removed it. Lawter states: “We have been overwhelmed by the response and support generated by this important free speech battle. Clearly, Sun News Network and LifeSite News are crucial news agencies that have filled the information gap created by a lazy conventional media that is either clueless or too cowardly to report about important matters affecting our freedoms and liberties.”

Lawter added, “As far as we can determine, those were the only news outlets in all of Canada that had the journalistic integrity and courage to stand up to the bullies and report the truth.”

Early this morning Charles S. LiMandri advised RoadKill Radio that Vimeo had reversed their decision and restored all of RoadKill Radio’s videos, which can again be viewed at; and further, that they will honour the renewed contract they have with RKR.

It is a good day for truth.


For more information please contact:

Kari Simpson

Tel: 604 514-1614


updated 23 August 2012

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  1. Do you have a link to the videos?

  2. I still wish you could suit the gay pride out of vimeo!.

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