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Kari Simpson and Ron Gray interview Kitchener MP Stephen Woodworth, who last week asked the House of Commons to vote for Motion 312, which would set up a committee to examine the question of when human life begins. Is the the first step toward developing an actual abortion law in Canada?

(originally webcast on May 1, 2012)

  One Response to “RoadKill Radio News: MP Stephen Woodworth Stands Up for Human Life”

  1. There are striking parallels between what happened to the unwanted in the Third Reich, and what’s happening to the unwanted in Canada and Western Civilization today!

    It is the same kind of mentality. We don’t respect human life and we dehumanize it and then get rid of it ! Now we teach love without meaning normalizing Kinsey Sex Education from Kindergarten in our schools,and Murder without guilt normalizing Abortion.

    The Nazis dehumanized their victims by calling them subhuman, non-human, parasites, animals, objects, and non-persons. The same terminology dominates today’s pro-abortion semanticists.

    Do you realize that the Nazis “technically” did not break the “LAW” in their Holocaust ? The Nazi Government and Supreme Court passed over 400 “Laws” leading up to the final solution thus legalizing their atrocities ! Each defendant at The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials invoked the ”LAW” to justify their involvement in the Holocaust. They said they were not responsible. Does their excuse sound familiar Democratic Canada?

    “WHAT IS LEGAL IS MORAL,” is a frightening slogan used to justify all kinds of atrocities throughout history.

    Science and legality was used as an excuse to exterminate natives in Australia, Africa, North and South America, India, Ireland, the killing of Jews and the killing of the unwanted today.Science and legality was also used to justify slavery and the slave trade. Be careful what you allow your politicians to legalize as it becomes a human right and social justice normalized from Kindergarten. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for the laws of the land.

    The main term used by the pro-abortion propagandist today is the term “CHOICE”. The right to choose.
    The main term used by the Nazis to cover up their murder was “SELECTION”. The right to select.
    It was the educated doctors who were making selections in the Nazis death camps.
    It is the educated doctors today, in conjunction with educated pregnant women, many who are coerced into making “choices” in the abortion chambers.
    The right to select in the past and the right to choose today represents the “evil” power to destroy those who cannot defend themselves. It was the Nazi Government, Courts and Education Establishments who socially engineered students to think this way. Germany was the most educated country in the World of its day.
    After The Second World War,The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for encouraging and compelling abortions which it considered crimes against humanity.
    Trials of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington, DC:USGPO, Volume IV, page610.

    Now we give The Order Of Canada to Abortionists, because of the new creed of Politically Correct Relativism.

    Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton declared in their weekly Women’s newspaper,The Revolution,” No matter what the motive, the woman is awfully guilty who commits abortion. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death, but oh, thrice guilty is “he” who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime.”

    Politically Correct Relativism by decree corrupts society, and legalizes and normalizes unhealthy practices as Human Rights and Social Justices. Then teaches them to innocent impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten, thus morphing the character of Canada and Western Civilization to Secular Paganism by Establishment. This only has been allowed to happen politically and legally since 1962.
    Parents and concerned citizens from all faiths and agnostics did unite politically from 2005 to 2008 to change bad Parliamentary Legislation and rotten Supreme Court of Canada Law of 2005. Parliament did not raise the age of sex consent and The Supreme Court Of Canada declared consenting 14 year old’s as adults just before Christmas 2005 as a Christmas present to predators, thus making Canada a legal preferred destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles as a Human Right and Social Justice. Canadian parents and citizens united politically across Canada to force Parliament in 2008 to pass Bill into Law raising the age of sex consent, thus closing this evil loophole in Canadian Parliamentary and Supreme Court of Canada Law. Canadian citizens are responsible politically for the laws of our Democracy. As Edmond Burke pointed out in his conclusion,” evil prospers when so called good people choose to do nothing.

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