Jul 282012

This week Ron Gray presents his open letter to John Baird, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding Canada's pro-Israel stance.

  One Response to “Family Freedom Fighters: Open Letter to Minister John Baird”

  1. Hi Ron,

    Great address on the issue of Israel! Only Canada has truly supported Israel especially at the present time. Even the USA cannot be trusted to express their support- much of the blame lying with the US State Dept that puts its oil aquisitions and dependence on odious Islamic dictatorships ahead of its friends The numnerous peace accords like Camp David and Oslo have consistently failed because the State Dept had consistently bullied Israel into greatly compromising its security and yet did nothing to pressure the Islamic dictators to fully recognise Israel!

    I would sincedrely hope and expect that Mr Baird replace the present totally gutless UN ambassador with someone far stronger and more dependable to speak his mind very vocally at the General Assembly when very contentious issues are discussed. Numerous voices in the Conservartive Media (Sun Group) have expressed the need for Canada to resign from the UN because of its support of Islamic dictators and”hatred” of Israel! Canada should indeed resign from the UN and save the taxpayer over $500million year in the process!

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