Jun 042012

Our new Monday night series, Drive For Justice, continues with a clear description of judicial corruption throughout Canada's court system. This explosive series will focus on RoadKill Radio’s own Kari Simpson as she drives her campaign for justice to the Prime Minister's office. Yes, we will name names, provide pictures and documents that will expose the corruption and cover-up within our courts and how some judges mock the Rule of Law and others become complicit by their silence. This expose of “Judges Gone Wild” will leave you asking only one question: How many will be forced to resign? Buckle-up for this one! This RoadKill Radio road trip is going to be fast and furious! Here’s Kari’s opening salvo, Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin is a liar, a cheat and a deceiver. Log on and find out why!

  2 Responses to “Drive For Justice 02: Synopsis”

  1. Thank you, Ron. You’ve just opened a floodgate.

  2. Well done Ron…I like this …no inuendos, no tongue in cheek , to the point …you have gotten a hold of my interest Ron… I want to hear more … I want you to go on …Where is the next video in line… I will forward this to as many people as I can.

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