Jun 032012

Vulture Guard poses a new threat as General Decay returns to the war. In this intercepted communiqué, General Decay displays his dangerous combination of insanity and influential rhetoric to teach society's willful idiots how to bully with impunity. Very dangerous. Right-minded civil Canadian must be aware of these tactics in order to fight them, or our culture is doomed.

  2 Responses to “The Prophets War: How to Bully with Impunity”

  1. I understand the point and what (who) your talking about , our apathetic nation who is only concerned how big the tv is and what team is playing hockey is slowly losing the battle against sexual deviants arriving from the states, and have become teachers in our schools. They may wake up when their little boy comes home from school wearing a dress! Then maybe mommy will say , hey what the hell is going on here.?
    The thing about this video is that its too tongue in cheek, its too rhetorical. Most people dont have the patience even if they have the time to watch this. You must realize that the news spells everything out slowly to the watchers. EG: 30% of people on the road should not be driving.! They are road idiots.! This video will go over their heads they will get frustrated because your using too much double speak for most to even get interested in this. If you noticed Savage is speaking very clearly and concisely on his video..he is not using rhetoric or inuendos to confuse anyone. Its direct , its the point to the point. You should kick over into a new drive here, a drive to get the truth out in a clear , concise way..direct so people dont have to guess or get fed up with listening because you wont come out and say it. As long as you continue to beat around the bush, hide with double speak, people will not get involved! Professional, direct, now music taken from today video to draw people in , you must make people feel they are watching today stuff that effects them. Professionalism is necessary for people to take you seriously…! There are just too many websites and so many causes , you must stand out. People who are family busy dont have the time to look deeply into these things , they will become confused , frustrated and say , crap I am out of here.!
    Please dont take this as criticism…I want you to succeed… I want to come here and watch, I am involved, I write letters to government , I write in newspapers and I get frustrated when I watch this , then I get upset that we can do better then this. I am sorry if the funds are not rolling in …but if thats what is needed to do better well , make a video and ask DIRECTLY for help. The security guy who is going to court for killing the juvenile delinquent in the states has raised 250,000.00 on his website in a couple weeks. I will make a contribution tomorrow and anyone reading this …e mail money to Kari Simpson and (Culture Guard ) its so simple to e mail money out of your bank if you bank on line.

  2. Garry makes some great points, but I for one like the approach of these Prophet War episodes. Sure the same material is covered in roadkillradios other shows in a very direct way, but this gets the messages across in a new way, entertaing, like reading a book. I”d like to see this series as a movie or graphic novel so it gets the message to a whole new audience.

    Garry’s right about supporting roadkill, too. I’m sending my contribution through paypal today.

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