May 232012

Watch part two of Kari Simpson and Ron Gray's interview with Barbara Kay as they discuss the blatant
waste of taxpayer money used to fund the Museum of Science and Technology's “Sexibition”.

  One Response to “Barbara Kay and the Museum of Carnal Knowledge”

  1. When Love without meaning Kinsey Sex Education, and murder without guilt Abortion, is taught as a human right, by Government Decree, Court and Police Enforcement to impressionable schoolchildren and youth, from Kindergarten through University, then what kind of Democratic society does this mold? This Kinsey perversion is called Sex Science. It is taught to children in schools by adult teachers who ought to know better. It is shown in Science and Technology Museum exhibits to children by adults as Sex Science. What kind of people allow their children to be perverted like this with their own Tax money?

    In Canada righteous Traditional Family Values citizens did unite politically across our country, and forced Parliament to pass a Bill into Canadian Law raising the age of sex consent in 2008, and thus changed morbid 2005 Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law that allowed consenting 14 year old’s to be considered as adults by human right. This is what good people do in a democracy, or democracy morphs into tyranny that teaches perversion to innocent schoolchildren as a human right. Pedophiles and every kind of pervert loves The Canadian Parliament and The Supreme Court Of Canada to give them human rights that allow them to legally sexually exploit Canadian Children.

    The kind of Democratic Canada the voting Canadian citizens want they get.
    I hope righteous good citizens unite again politically to make this a better democratic society where innocent impressionable children are protected. The responsibility in a democracy is yours.

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