May 222012

In the first of two parts, Kari Simpson and Ron Gray speak with Barbara Kay about the unravelling of today’s society under the lazy eye of white educated upper-middle-class urban liberals.

  One Response to “Barbara Kay and the Trouble with WEUMCULs”

  1. How long are Canadian citizens going to believe that Politically Correct Relativism, by Government decree and Court enforcement is good for our Nation?
    Has this Social Engineering made objective thinking obsolete to the majority of our citizens now? There was a time when our majority believed that Politically Correct Relativism was nonsense, because all views are not equally true or beneficial.
    After The Second World War The Nuremberg Military Tribunal Indicted 10 Nazi leaders for the crimes against humanity of.” encouraging and compelling abortions.”
    The Trials Of War Criminals,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:USGPO, Volume IV,Page 610.
    At The Trials the Nazi leaders said, We did nothing wrong,because we did not break the Law. Technically They were right as The Nazi Government, and Supreme Court made over 400 Laws legalizing their perversions. Does Their excuse sound familiar Democratic Canadians Socially Engineered in Politically Correct Relativism by Government decree, Court enforcement and Education?

    It sure was a lot of fun going and debating the so-called elite Politically Correct Educators at Western Universities with our friend Professor Tom Landers. They made fools of themselves in front of their students,because they made the same excuses as the indicted Nazi Leaders did at The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Western students have to put in our so-called elite Politically Correct Educators textbook answers on exams if they expect to pass to earn a living. It is sad to see Western Civilization morally free-falling due to it’s own political democratic choosing.

    When Tom and friends united Canadians politically in 2008 to get Parliament to Pass a Bill into Canadian Law to raise the age of sex consent, because Parliament did not raise the age in 2005 as concerned citizens and parents wanted them too, and The Supreme Court Of Canada in 2005 ruled that consenting 14 year old’s as adults by human right, thus making Canada a legal sex trafficking playground for pedophiles and perverts of every kind. Tom published the names of The Supreme Court Of Canada Justices and Members of Parliament who made these Laws as human rights for perverts. We asked Canadians If this is the kind of Canada they wanted? In 2008 they did not and this Bad Law was changed. This is Democracy in action. Canadian citizen wake up and stop legalizing and normalizing perversion so it can taught in schools to children as a human right, by adults who ought to know better. What kind of people do9 this?

    Now I wonder why no one quotes statistics for HIV/AIDS from the Center for Disease Control, or The Public Health Agency of Canada, or the fact that Canadian Blood Services does not accept blood from gay men, because of the high risk of anal sex diseases that cause dis-function of the lower bowel tract, which are endemic in the homosexual population. Sodomy is extremely morbid. The people who normalize and legalize this activity as a human right, and recruit young schoolchildren from Kindergarten, ought not to be re-elected.
    It’s not about discrimination – but about common sense and verifiable scientific facts.
    Very few seem to give a rip regarding this,while at the same time resort to name calling. Normalizing Sodomy to innocent impressionable schoolchildren is diabolical.
    Why are all the Canadian Governments, Courts and Schools legalizing and normalizing this morbid behavior as a human right, and then allowing impressionable schoolchildren to be recruited into this unhealthy lifestyle as a human right, by Government decree and Court enforcement? Has almost everyone in Canada gone stark raving mad? In a democracy like ours the responsibility for this moral free-fall is in the hands of the voting citizens, whether you call yourselves Catholic, Protestant, Hindu,Buddhist, Agnostic,Sikh, Atheist, Humanist or other .

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