May 182012

In this special edition of RoadKill Radio News, Kari Simpson and Ron Gray examine the growing problem of Christian-bashing in Canada's public schools – and the bashing is being done BY the school administrators! William Swinimer was suspended for wearing a Jesus tee shirt! This goes beyond misguided political correctness (is there any other kind?). This is a blatant assault on free speech and Christianity!

  One Response to “William Swinimer and His “Offensive” Tee Shirt”

  1. During two World War’s Canada was a Christian Country of sorts in Government, Law and Education. Now only The Rule Of Secular Law with It’s Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation of law and science, by Government decree and Court enforcement wages war on Christ, The Ten Commandments, and the Christian God and His Attributes, His Ethics in Government , Law and Education, then legalizes, and normalizes perversion from Kindergarten to innocent impressionable schoolchildren as a human right. After The Second World War ,The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for what Democratic Canada has legalized by The Rule Of Secular Law. Canada now imposes and normalizes morbidity on schoolchildren as a human right by The Rule Of Secular Law. In a Democracy the voting Citizens get The Governments, and Policies that their Elected Politicians pass Bills into Laws in Our Legislatures and Parliament, then impose as human rights on impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten. This has changed the character of our society. I call this Atheism by Establishment.The Rockefeller Foundation money and Alfred Kinsey have also contributed to Western morality. In a democracy like ours the citizens get the kind of Canada they want. The next time you vote think about this instead of sitting on benches and listening to what the political gurus tell you .

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