May 072012

Ron Gray has some things to say about the United Church of Canada’s latest attack on Israel, and informs his audience with some enlightening history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Then Ron brings us Part Two of his “Faith and Science” series, this time focusing on evolution.

  One Response to “Family Freedom Fighters: United Church of Canada vs. Israel”

  1. Israel is a democracy surrounded by anti-Semitic Dictatorships.

    Christ is an Israelite who translated the meaning of the mysteries of the Old Testament, into the New Testament that even children could understand. Christians are supposed to be His disciples. He is The Good Shepherd He says, and then He goes on to describe the hireling who gets paid for being a shepherd. Christianity , The Ten Commandments , The Attributes of Christ, and the volition He gives people to live by His will or their own leads them to a healthy society living by His will ,or the consequences of following their own wills in Government, Law and Education, which leads to an unhealthy civilization.

    We lived in a Christian Western Civilization of sorts in Government, Law and Education and Trusted the Attributes of Christ in Government, Law and Education and things were slowly getting better until 1962. Then in the guise of Separation of Separation Of Church and State, our elected Political Guru’s, our Courts,Attorney General and latter Prime Minister chose Secular Paganism in Government, Law and Education where all kinds of perversion is legalized, and imposed even on schoolchildren from Kindergarten. This effects everyone,thus even the majority of the Institutional church it seems has morphed into paganism masquerading as Christ’s Church. Church in the New Testament meant parties of Christians, and not buildings where people sit on benches as pew potato’s listening to Sophists, and then doing nothing politically. The first century Christians when they were kicked out of Jerusalem by The Chief Priests and Government transformed society wherever they settled. In a democracy like ours the responsibility for this rot in our country is in the hands of our voting citizens. I hope you organize politically and take charge of our nation, and transform our society from corruption to righteousness. The freewill democratic volition is yours. My hope and prayer is that you choose Christ instead of Barabbas.

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