May 012012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray interview Kitchener MP Stephen Woodworth, who last week asked the House of Commons to vote for Motion 312, which would set up a committee to examine the question of when human life begins. Is the the first step toward developing an actual abortion law in Canada?

  3 Responses to “MP Stephen Woodworth Stands Up for Human Life”

  1. Dear fellow Conservative and Prime ” Minister” of Canada.

    The Nazi Government and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their evil. After The Second World War, The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi Leaders for encouraging and compelling abortion, ” a crime against humanity.” At the Trials the Nazi’s said we did nothing wrong, we did not break the law. Technically they were right but that did not save them. Does their excuse sound familiar Prime “Minister” Stephen Harper,and Cabinet ? Don’t you see what you have allowed to happen to the character of democratic Canada since then? Here are Hitlers words and worldview over one of the gas ovens in Auschwitz, ” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.”
    Through teaching schoolchildren Kinsey Sex Education ” love without meaning ”, and Abortion ” murder without guilt,” Hitlers worldview is indoctrinated into children from Kindergarten today in Western Democracies like Canada, with your help. How do you differ in this way from the N.D.P. and The Liberals, Stephen. What kind of voting citizens would allow this? What kind of people would allow The Ten Commandments and Christian ethic to be taken out of Government, Education and Law and replaced with the tenets of Politically Correct Relativism by decree, and enforcement. I call this atheism by establishment. Has Politically Correct Relativism by establishment made objective thinking obsolete in the minds of the majority, through Government, Law and Education? What effect is this indoctrination having on Canadian children and our society? What have you become? In a democracy like ours the people can organize politically and get Parliament to pass righteous Bills into Law instead of evil ones. We did this in 2008 when The Supreme Court Of Canada and Parliament in 2005 allowed consenting 14 year old’s, to be considered as adults. Sexual Predator’s loved this and legally sexually exploited Canadian Children ” by right”, until we organized politically across Canada and got Parliament to pass a Bill into law to raise the age of sex consent in 2008. It was Conservative MP’s who helped us. We know who the Traditional Family Values MP’s are by how they vote on Bills in Parliament. This is what democracy in action is. Stephen Harper Prime Minister Of Canada, why now have you and your hand picked Cabinet morally separated from the majority of elected Conservative MP’s? Don’t you know their is a reason we elected them? I hope our people and you too Stephen Harper come to your senses politically to keep Canadian politicians from passing evil Bills into corrupt laws,that everyone has to live “by right”.

    This is the letter I sent to The Prime Minister Of Canada. I hope he changes his mind and joins us.

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  3. What kind of Democratic Canada and Western World ought our Governments, Courts, Education Establishments, and citizens attempt to convey to future generations? Remember Hitler’s words over a gas oven at Auschwitz. He accomplished this goal through Government, Law and Education.

    Our university’s, including women’s study programs also have been highjacked by liberal pro-abortion Politically Correct teachers ,and this by Government Decree and Court Enforcement. They have been Socially Engineering generations of young men and women in this matter as a human right, because of morbid Bills passed into Law by morally bankrupt politicians, and judges.

    Susan B.Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton stated in their newspaper, The Revolution,” No matter what the motive, the woman is awfully guilty who commits abortion. It will burden her conscience in life , it will burden her soul in death, but oh, thrice guilty is ”he” who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime.”

    Even though the Nazi Government and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their crimes against humanity, Ten Nazi leaders were indicted for encouraging and compelling abortions by The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, Stephen Harper and his hand picked Cabinet. You don’t differ on this issue from The N.D.P. or The Liberals. Are you now Conservative in name only Stephen Harper and hand picked Cabinet? Who of these will be your successor, and what kind of precedents will he set in Parliament, as human rights, that will also be imposed and taught to innocent impressionable schoolchildren ?
    Trials Of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington,DC:USGPO,Volume IV ,page610.

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