Apr 162012

Dr. Gary North, in his book, Conspiracy, writes that “… [conspiracies] need a field to grow in. The field is a climate of opinion—the same field used by the rulers of any society. Change the ideas, and you change the social order. The real conflict is not over money, or military hardware, or votes. The real conflict is over ideas.” (Emphases in the original)

It’s very common in academic, intellectual and journalistic circles to sneer at “conspiracy theories”; however, as President Roosevelt once said,
“If something happens in politics, you may be sure someone planned it.”

But if the real conflict, as Dr. North writes, is over ideas, how can the climate of public opinion be manipulated to favor the conspirators? Why, it is simplicity itself! Put all the children in government schools; mandate the teaching of a world-view that favors the conspirators. And voila! In a little while (it will seem to be almost overnight), public opinion will be re-shaped. All totalitarians—for example, the Nazis and the Communists—have always realized this: “Give me the children until they are seven and anyone may have them afterwards,” said Francis Xavier in the sixteenth century.

All conspirators need to do, therefore, is capture the teaching profession, and by the next generation they will have the whole society. To capture the teaching profession, you need only to capture the universities. And that is exactly what has happened in North America and Europe.

So how can we free the next generation from this trap of indoctrination?

One answer is: vouchers.

If the government were to issue education vouchers to the parents of elementary and secondary students—for substantially less than the cost per student today—and to the students themselves for post-secondary studies, the free market of ideas would eagerly compete for those funds. And the efficiency of the free market would save taxpayers nearly half the present cost: cut the tax subsidy to all education to only 60% of the present funding level, but allow parental and student choice through vouchers, and we’ll get better education—real education, instead of indoctrination—and at a lower cost.

Not all conspiracies are bad. But the one crippling education today—the conspiracy by radical Left-wing activists to use public education to manipulate public attitudes by indoctrinating children with socialist and hedonist ideas—needs some healthy competition. Education vouchers would provide that competition.

Think of it as a parents’ counter-conspiracy.

  One Response to “Give this Conspiracy a Place to Grow”

  1. Ron Gray is absoutely right. We definitely need an alternative education process that is the same as that provided by private fee paying schools but without the high cost. And that is charter schools with available voucher funding with greater freedom and democracy of instruction free from the “socialist statism” that presently perverts the public schools today!

    Placing education back in the hands of primary providers (ie parents) where it rightfully belongs, will substantially reduce the problems of conspiracy caused by special interests (ie Socialists and Liberal academics) by placing greater responsibility for education in directly appointed school boards and away from bureaucrats and politicians! It will greatly improve the educational standards as well because teachers will be better selected and held far more accountable for the quality of professionalism expected by parents.

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