Apr 142012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray detail the new complaint filed with the BC Human Rights Tribunal against the Vancouver School Board’s calculated and deliberate agenda to cultivate an environment of hate, contempt and discrimination against staff and students who, for religious and cultural reasons, oppose “celebrating” homosexuality and other harmful sexual practices by allowing programs like Out In Schools to be incorporated into public schools. This is an important case and show! A must log on and watch!

  One Response to “Human Rights Tribunal Complaint Against the Vancouver School Board”

  1. Normalizing scientifically proven harmful morbid perversion to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren by adults who ought to know better, is a tyrannical “hate crime” against schoolchildren, parents and Western Civilization. Then teaching impressionable schoolchildren to name call those opposing this indoctrination is diabolical. What kind of people would do this? Has Politically Correct Relativism made objective thinking obsolete?

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