Apr 112012

RoadKill Radio’s National Absurder, Jim Lawter, tries to make sense of all of today’s signs of a coming Apocalypse. Gird your loins, my friends, gird your loins!

  One Response to “The National Absurder: End of Days!”

  1. good luck with your tribunal quest!
    I have my own on-going, I am so troubled that I missed the start point.

    just where did our government start becoming so corrupt??

    Have you read the government web site’s HRT and RTO are described as “quasi” judicial systems
    with the intent to relieve the burdon on the supream court system of BC gov.
    The government needs to replace the word “quasi” with kangeroo what it really is.
    there “judges” are not trained except in protecting their own ass and each cover the others back.
    fox guarding the coup.
    The ledgeslation holds no one to account for wrongs committed and the wrongs cannot be made Right except by the Supream court system and even then they will not stand to complete review; by law.
    tribunal judges are not bound by the rule of law and evidence. Lady justice weeps as we are enslaved!
    looking at statistical numbers one is bound to be crazzy or suffer cancer or be gay.
    lets look at crazzy; I am confident one judge is but no-one is checking. speaking of slurs the crazzy judge i encountered has ruined my private life and threatens to shut down a Christian outreach program here in Abby and langley that I facilitate.

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