Mar 222012

Have you heard of these “gender swap days” in public schools? I guess the teachers want our kids to get more in touch with their feminine or masculine sides, respectively. Or gay side. Or … aren’t there supposed to be like 6 genders nowadays? Let’s not exclude anybody!

Or is this to break down the natural boundaries of a kid’s self-identity? Remove their self esteem… confuse their role in society…

Or maybe it’s just to recruit kids for political sex activism.


What this always turns out to be is a free pass to parody and demean the opposite sex, as well as once again pick on gays and lesbians. I mean, the poor transgendered kids are confused enough; why force them to dress according to their own gender? And do we really need to create MORE reasons for kids to bully each other in school?

Why are these events invariably promoted in pink? Not pink and blue, which might suggest the two genders that are being swapped. Not even a gender neutral green. Pink seems… well, shaded… toward a certain ideology, don’t you think?

But please: no more rainbows! Lucky Charms, My Little Pony, Peter Max, the Beatles, the Rainbow Coalition, Mac… (TV test bars) … yeah, that, too. The meaning of the rainbow has long ago become a contrived commercial joke.

What about really broadening our kids’ horizons? Psychologists are now saying that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation, akin to homosexuality. What about having pedophile-for-a-day? High school kids could hassle kindergarteners. Fun!

What about fat kids and skinny kids swapping for a day? Surely nobody would belittle a fat kid because he or she couldn’t pull off the switch convincingly!

Why not racial switch day? Black face isn’t insulting to anybody, is it?

What about religion swapping? Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheists can all wear each others costumes and continue to condemn each other to Hell. No potential for mocking there, is there?

What about a rich kid / poor kid switcheroo? Nah, the poor kids couldn’t afford rich kid costumes, and the rich kids would never take public transportation to school.

What about physical disabilities? Kids can wear fake cleft lips, s-s-stutter, race down the halls in wheelchairs… lots of warm fuzzy affinity to be had, I’m sure.

Hey, what about dropping all the sex-themed costume parties and teaching our kids how to read and write? Isn’t that politically correct enough for you?

These kids need to get into college and then into the workplace, and unless they’re all planning to become costume designers and make-up artists, they need to concentrate on basic math skills, not how to accessorize.

Aren’t there mandates to keep politics out of public school classrooms? That should apply to political correctness, as well.

Let’s keep it real, people!

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