Mar 142012

Culture Guard News Release

For Immediate Release

March 14, 2012

VPD Investigation into

Out In Schools is a FARCE!

Kari Simpson, President of Culture Guard, has finally received the information she requested from the VPD concerning the “complaint” she never made but somehow was “investigated” about the controversial Out In Schools program.  This program is operated by the same organization that is responsible for the Queer Film Festival and the publishing of a film involving obscene sexual acts that may have contravened the Criminal Code, which was detailed in her unfiled complaint.

Simpson states: “The problem is that the ‘complaint’ investigated by the VPD wasn’t the one I made.  It was a complaint made from ‘memory’ according to Constable Eric Lott, as he refused to take notes during our meeting and later acknowledged he didn’t have the proper training to deal with the issues involved in the complaint.  To make matters worse, Constable Lott admits in his report that he relied on ‘Google’ to fill in the blanks. The investigation is a provable farce.  The VPD lied when media relations officer, Constable Lindsay Houghton, stated to a media outlet that ‘Kari Simpson made the complaint’ that was supposedly investigated.”

The original, unfiled complaint asked for the investigation of fraud on the part of Out In Schools, which used documented lies to sell itself to several BC school boards and corporate sponsors. The VPD never investigated this allegation or others made by Simpson according to the information received.

Also contained in the information provided to Mrs. Simpson were copies of internal emails sent among VPD members. One disturbing email, sent to an unidentified individual and copied to VPD members, was from VPD Inspector Mario Giardini.  In his email, he forwards a copy of the December 7, 2011 Culture Guard News Release, “Complaint? What Complaint?” to an unidentified addressee and asserts as fact that the release contains “a number of errors” and then directs this individual to rally “the community” to send a “strong message.”

Kari Simpson has sent a strongly worded letter to VPD Inspector Giardini demanding that he identify the so-called “errors” contained in the Culture Guard release. “Failure to do so constitutes a serious libel,” states Simpson.  (Copy of the letter follows this release.)

Further, Simpson has requested Inspector Giardini identify this mysterious “community.”

Perhaps most disturbing about Giardini’s email is the directive that this “community” send a “strong message.”  Simpson states: “As someone who has received death threats and has been assaulted by militant sex activists, this is a serious and troubling situation when someone, who is duty bound to protect, deliberately incites an attack against an individual. Needless to say I will be demanding a full and independent investigation into the conducts of the VPD.”

Culture Guard has produced a 3 part exposé about the troubling information received from Kari Simpson’s FOI request about the so called “complaint” and the farce of an investigation that ensued.  “Incompetency or Cover-up, you decide,” says Simpson.  Part 1 webcasts tonight on RoadKill at 7:30 pm.

Contact Kari Simpson for more information:

Tel:      604 514-1614


Information follows below:

  1. 1. Letter from Simpson to Inspector Giardini
  2. 2. Examples of published hate, racism, intolerance & villification

Culture Guard

Tel: 604 514-1614 ~ Fax: 604 514-1669

PO Box 12014 Murrayville Square, Langley, BC, Canada V3A 9J5 ~ Email ~

Mario Giardini

Inspector, Vancouver Police Department

2120 Cambie Street,

Vancouver, BC V5Z 4N6

VIA EMAIL:      

VIA FACSIMILE:      778 331-4078

March 14, 2012

RE:     Email disclosed in FOI request

Attention:    Inspector Mario Giardini

My name is Kari Simpson, and I am president of Culture Guard—but you know this. You also, apparently, seem to possess knowledge about facts that have escaped my careful attention, and therefore I write to request that you provide me with the details to support your assertions. The assertions I refer to are contained in an email provided to me with other documents I received from the Vancouver Police Department as a result of my request under BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Your email, dated December 7, 2011, was sent to someone in the “community” whose name is blacked out. This same email is also sent/published to L. Houghton, J. McGuinness, and P. Patterson. There are several troubling statements in your short directive, about which I and my constituency would like clarification.

Your e-mail states:

From: Giardini, Mario

sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 10: 17


Cc: Houghton, Lindsey; McGuinness, Jana; Patterson, Paul

Subject: Update on Out In Schools Police Investigation! Culture Guard News Release

Good Morning:

here is the latest press release from Ms. Kari Simpson. In reading this release there are a number of errors that I noted. I have spoken to our Public Affairs members and we will not be responding to this obviously incorrect assessment.

However, please feel free to to comment on Ms. Simpson’s assertions. It would be a strong message if the community came out and disputed Ms. Simpson’s allegations.



Mario Giardini Inspector 1415

Diversity and Aboriginal Policing

Vancouver Police Department (604) 717-3161

In your email, referring to Culture Guard’s Dec. 7, 2011 news release —“Complaint? What complaint?” — you asserted as a fact that within our release “there are a number of errors…”

The copy provided to me shows no markings to identify what you assert to be “errors.” Thus you have stated in writing, to at least four people, that I have published false information. Such an assertion, if proved untrue, constitutes libel and/or defamation. Please identify for me the statements that you construe to be “errors.”

Further, I can see from your address bars that this email was also distributed to others, and it is clear that additional “Public Affairs members” were also told of these so-called “errors” and/or “incorrect assessment”; how many times did you repeat or tell people that I was publishing false information?

You then seem to give a very curious directive to a certain unidentified “community”; Inspector Giardini, please advise me of, or define, the “community” which you directed to “send a strong message” to dispute my “allegations.”

What “community” deserves such special attention that you provided them with my “latest press release”?

Is the forwarding of News Releases to mysterious members of a “community” part of your job description?

What sort of “strong message” did you want this mysterious “community” to “come out with”?

What allegations in my news release did you want them to dispute?

Did anyone to your knowledge publically “dispute” my information or is this mysterious “community” better informed than you are?

I have included with this correspondence a sampling of the hateful vitriol that I, and other law abiding citizens, have to endure for publishing the truth about sex activists within the schools here in BC.  I see from your published statements in Xtra that you are “sensitive” and believe there are totally “different dynamics” at play when you deal with gay or lesbian issues.  Is this why you and other members of the VPD are turning a blind eye to unlawful conduct within the homosexual community?

I have included in the sampling some of the death threats I received.  Is this the type of “strong message” you are inciting the “community” to engage in?

I trust from your background research on me that you know I take very seriously factual and truthful discourse on important matters—especially matters involving parental rights and the protection of children. I hope your responses to the above questions will reflect that the VPD and its members—members like you—also take very seriously the public’s trust; and that you will alleviate any concerns that VPD members may be engaging in smear campaigns against citizens who raise legitimate concerns about parental rights and protecting minors.

I look forward to your identification of the “errors” you have alleged to be in the Dec. 7, 2011 Culture Guard News Release.

Yours sincerely,

Kari Simpson

President Culture Guard

Copied to:

Chief Constable Jim Chu

Constable Lindsay Houghton

Constable Jana McGuinness

Paul Patterson, Senoir Director, Community & Public Affairs Section

Informed Civil Canadians and their elected representatives

Examples of Hate enclosed…

Examples of HATE, Intolerance, racism and vilification –

To: Inspector Mario Giardini and others to whom it may concern –

The following examples below of hate, racism, religious intolerance and vilification published by homosexual and other sex activists arise from two related events; the factual exposé done by Culture Guard on the Out In Schools program, and the growing revolt of civil Canadians to the hijacking of the public education system by sex activists.

The publication of the examples is to educate and enlighten individuals, law enforcement agencies and members of the media to the language of hate, intimidation and threats.  The examples below were used by sex activists and were targeted at individuals and groups who dared to expose the lies and tools of propaganda used by activists within the BC Teachers’ Federation and their sex activist community partners.  This is a small militant group and does not reflect the broader gay community that shares in our concern about the abuse currently taking place in the public education system by the radical sex activists.

Concerning the death threats against me, the author of two of these threats is a homosexual activist and has been identified with the assistance of RoadKill Radio’s expert computer technicians and the Langley RCMP.

The information published below is offensive, racist and hateful.  Typically I wouldn’t publish these hateful offensive threats and words, but the investigating body for this complaint will be the Vancouver Police Department, a provably bias organization when it comes to applying the law to the homosexual sex activist community.  I will be sending the complaint directly to Chief Chu. I have already spoken to the Provincial Hate Crime Unit.  I have been advised they can only act after the VPD investigates and refers the file to them, as the majority of these publications have been published by a pro-homosexual Vancouver media outlet.

Further, I believe members of the conventional media should be enlightened and educated as to the hate and vile threats espoused from the sex activist community. I appreciate the fact that editors and other members of the media are fearful of the predictable public temper tantrums of the sex activist community that ensues when factual reporting on these matters occur, but proper journalism has never been for cowards – grow-up. In some cases, editors and members of the media are just plain stupid when it comes to understanding the political agenda of government money grabs and political recruitment by the sex activist community; time to educate yourselves and quit being a “gay toady” – this is a multi-billion dollar industry.  In other cases, the sex activist is a member of your news room and bullies his or her special agenda into the daily mix; time to stand up to the bully – truth often offends. And most disconcerting is the reality that news editors are failing to report news stories that truthfully depict issues involving homosexual sex activism for fear of losing advertising revenues, i.e. Pride Parade and its corporate bandwagon sponsors and their union supporters – this is shameful.  Reporting the truth sometimes has a price. Integrity is priceless.

Inspector Mario Giardini, for whom I have taken the time to compile these samples, currently co-chairs the “diversity” unit of the Vancouver Police Department.  As such, it seems that he often meets with and/or speaks to XTRA, one of the publications responsible for publishing many of the examples below and a sponsor of the Out In Schools program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kari D. Simpson

President, Culture Guard

I have removed the addresses, albeit often phoney, and identifying info from these examples.  The formal complaint provided to VPD Chief Chu will have all details included. –

KARI IS STUPID, GAY, FAT ANND UGLY, SHE MUST DIE and I wouldn’t care if you died.  No one would.  So just do it it would make everyone WAY happier.


Dear Ms. Simpson …I am a gay man…I feel threatened by your ideology.  It actually makes me afraid…Is it safe for me to be who I am…These are the thoughts that briefly cross my mind.

… Then I realize you are the conduit of evil.  I look forward to spitting on your tombstone you dumb cow.


Someone should euthanize her


I ain’t pussyfooting around anymore!
I am SO ANGRY! These bigoted pigs can display their bigotry out, loud and proudly. I am going to do the same!

09/10/11 10:29 PM EST


Perhaps Chinese Parents should…
be more concerned about domestic violence in their relationships than whether or not their children are exposed to gay reverences in the schools. That way maybe there will be fewer husbands murdering their wives, putting the body in a suitcase, and dumping it in the Fraser River.

09/11/11 9:58 PM EST


No fucking way Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You do whatever fweels good in your heart! I have nothing but HATRED for these fucking cunts of parents. i hope they all are blessed with gay children and that they are TORTURED until the day they die about the why? as to why their stupid, fucking God made their children gay. They’ll probably blame me for this though. Stupid pigs.

09/13/11 1:02 AM EST


Help take this batshit crazy homophobic cunt Kari Simpson down. Please flag the Youtube videos as well. She is violating copyright laws and using peoples photo’s and videos unauthorized amongst a million other violations. She is also potentially putting youth at risk by showing their photo’s Some of them might not be out. I’m sure this cow is also violating hate and human right laws too. Fuck you Kari Simpson!

(address removed)



honey you talk the talk, but you cannot sugar coat hate i am surprised your eyes aren’t brown.  you need to stop worrying about what gay people are doing in bed and stop being so damned judgemental.  stop thinking about gay sex and destroying the self esteem of young individuals.   lady you are proof that evil is alive masquerading as “christian” love.  You need to pull your head out of your pompous pontificating butt and get a whiff of reality.  If homosexuality was a choice lady, the likes of you make it an easy choice.  I would still choose a hot man over your cold ugly heart.  That stink you smell lady is your own.  how many young  have to take their own lives before you see the damage you cause or do you care?  They should put your picture on condoms lady.  More men would choose to use them if they knew people like you could have been prevented.  Please go back to your sexually frustrated boring life and stop obsessing about gay sex.  Honestly, you think about it more than any gay man I know.  Jealous I guess that some people actually have it without shame and with God’s blessing.


Yo Dave
Do not tell me how to write my fucking posts. Don’t like it? Don’t read it! I will rant and rave all I like! THESE PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK! Overhrunning our city like a fucking plague!

09/13/11 7:01 PM EST


Oh god, shut up
They are pigs! Oink oink!

09/14/11 2:14 AM EST


Stop Chinese Immigration Now!
What a shallow messed-up money-hungry people. What kind of a country lets itself become a Chinese colony without a shot fired?

09/08/11 5:35 AM EST


This article is racist
This article is a demonstration of how bigoted the Asian community really is.

09/08/11 2:41 PM EST


Sent to Culture Guard

(Address removed)


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Sent to a Christian activist on his facebook page –

…I hope you are arrested, & raped in prison.
Also I’d like to see you speak your thoughts at a gay pride parade anywhere in Vancouver, British Columbia, the crowds would watch you get your face stomped into the street.


(address removed)
Maybe these (type of) Chinese parents could spend more time not raising brats that race their high-priced cars down highways risking other people’s lives and less time worrying about crushing gay rights. It’s discouraging and sad how homophobic the Chinese community is in the lower mainland. Their homophobia is not doing much good considering the number of their kids I see out at the clubs each weekend.

Sean, Vancouver BC
09/08/11 9:23 PM EST


(address removed)


Correction.  I have never met a gaybasher who was not a closeted homosexual.  Come out come out, we know you’re in there.


(address removed)

As a long time survivor of hiv/AIDS I find your comments insensitive.  How do you feel about people who smoke, over eat, have addiction issues, infertility issues, mental health issues.?  I contracted hiv before it was even identified and have heard your hate speech come out of the mouths of ignorant people like Anita Bryant to Fred Phelps. (I will assume you are on a first name basis with this guy).  Yes I do expect taxpayer’s to foot the bill for any kind of illness regardless of how it was contracted.

Don’t put words in my mouth.  I never called you any names rather I suggested you deal with these deep feelings of hate your harbour.  It is obvious how you skipped over the seriousness of young people who hear crap like you spew, and who either risk or end up taking their own lives.   I suggest you are a closeted lesbian. You obviously have some serious issues around sex, so may I suggest you seek therapy before your filthy mouth damages any more young people.  I still think you are a closeted homosexual.  I have not met a person who was not a gaybasher who wasn’t.  What you are doing goes way beyond gaybashing, it is destroying young lives, and you take money for doing it.  That is criminal.


Oh Dear (Name removed)
Just like you didn’t CHOOSE to be a bigoted ASIAN fuckface, I didn’t choose to be gay. We need to reign in the immigration limits. My Canada is being turned into Hong Kong and I am becoming more and more racist EVERY SINGLE DAY becuase of it. If the Asians can be that way, they have a huge battle on their hands. I also have to wonder why “concerned parent” keeps trolling Xtra West. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. Don’t like Canada? Go back to where you came from and get OUT of my country! You CHOSE to come here you pigs!

09/10/11 7:02 PM EST


response to marc
reply to marc’s post: “I ain’t pussyfooting around anymore! I am SO ANGRY! These bigoted pigs can display their bigotry out, loud and proudly. I am going to do the same!

I TOTALLY AGREE!!!…while most gays are content to be gay…and to allow the rest of society to live as they wish to live…there are an amazing number of, as you call them “BIGOTED PIGS” who are completely intolerant of anyone outside the gay community, and refuse to allow other members of society to even express an opinion (unless it supports the gay agenda)…keep up the good fight Marc…

09/17/11 1:51 PM EST


Nope Jason.
Damn them straight to hell! My bible says these bigots shall burn in hell for all eternity! It’s quite a lovely thought actually!

09/21/11 1:09 AM EST


Church members and sex
It is so sad to read how some people who fear that their son or daughter will become non-heterosexual beings. Maybe they need to be educated, but I doubt that the church that they belong to will help in this matter! :) I noticed that many were from China (probably wealthy Chinese from HK). Maybe they should understand that we tolerate them when they are showing off, driving their exclusive material possessions (often on borrowed money), presumably to show that they are successful (more than the losers non-Asian are?). I think they need to review their losing-face custom, which IMHO produces dysfunctional behaviours because they make me lose face every time I drive my normal car!

04/30/11 3:28 PM EST


No to Hatred
Don’t these hateful parents realize that it’s a public system? The School Act ensures that all students will encounter a system that’s “strictly secular” and free of “religious dogma.” If these parents want to inculcate their own youngsters with their church’s bigoted, grandiose religious delusions, then they must do so privately and at their own expense. The Board has a duty to provide gay students and staff with a safe, hatred-free learning environment: thus, these families should be encouraged to enrol their children elsewhere.

05/01/11 4:16 AM EST



Sorry Jack
I was there, the crowd was indeed mostly Asian. It is an observance and not racist at all. Nobody said those dirty, stinky and bigoted Asians were out in full force, did they? Nope, merely an observance. There were a FEW Caucasians there too. Try to learn the difference Jack.

05/03/11 8:17 PM EST



Doesn’t change
the FACT that most of the attendees were bigoted ASIANS!!!!!!!! Asian.Asian.Asian.Asian.Asian. If the room had been full of bigoted black people, WE WOULD HAVE SAID SO TOO.

05/04/11 9:25 PM EST


fucking pigs!

05/11/11 8:11 PM EST


/\ Hate from above /\
“Homosexuality however is clearly documented to be dangerous” To quote the above parent from Burnaby, BC. May your son grow up to be a Drag Queen you evil SOB.

05/16/11 1:26 PM EST



Say goodbye
To your businesses Asian pricks, you will be run out of town. We will protest your stay in Canada and your fucking corner shops. Goodbye!

06/26/11 8:33 PM EST


Miss (name removed)

06/20/11 3:38 PM EST



screw her! She’s a cunt!

06/22/11 12:04 AM EST


I am going to find out how many of these parents have businesses, ie: Asians owning corner shops and I am going to make a list and post it everywhere, for everyone to see, and let’s hope that the boycotting backlash or picketing of their livelehood might make THEM realize how good they had it as IMMIGRANTS to our fabulous country pre-boycott. PREPARE yourselves you pricks, your time is soon coming to an end. I WILL have your businesses and livelyhoods RUN INTO THE GROUND! Have a great day. Michael.

06/26/11 8:31 PM EST



Lifesite, Tom?
A link to the vatican’s website, like I give a fuck what that pack of pedophile-enablers thinks? You Catholics really need to get your heads out of your asses & take a long, hard (haha) look at the criminal organization your are part of and support financially every time the collection plate passes you by.

Carlos the Jackal, Vancouver BC
06/29/11 5:29 PM EST

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