Mar 062012

Dr. Helena Guldberg: Get Rid of Anti-Bullying Campaigns

Researcher and author Dr. Helene Guldberg joins Kari Simpson and Ron Gray to discuss her book, “Reclaiming Childhood: Freedom and Play in an Age of Fear“. Dr. Guldberg shows there there is no evidence at all that so-called “anti-bullying” programs reduce bulling. Furthermore, the anti-bullying industry may be doing more harm than good for children, denying them the character-building experiences that help them face the realities of later life.

An interesting observation by Dr. Guldberg is that the anti-bully advocates in Great Britain are every bit as vindictive, threatening, and – dare we say it? – bullying as those in Canada! Watch this show, learn the truth, and spread the word: Get rid of the Anti-Bullying Industry before they do irreparable damage to an entire generation!

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  1. “Dr. Helena Guldberg: Get Rid of Anti-Bullying Campaigns

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