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Join Kari Simpson & Ron Gray

Starting tonight at 7:30 pm, March 1, 2012


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Teresa Pierre, Director of Parents As First Educators (, joins Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they discuss the rights of parents vs. teachers in the religious education of children. They take a look at Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in school – what are they really teaching your kids? – as well as the pseudo “anti-bullying” industry.

Also discussed is Bill 13, a controversial proposed amendment to the Public Schools Act of the Province of Manitoba that would give teachers the right to impose religious instruction to public school children without their parents’ consent. Why are public schools teaching religion to our children? Why are the courts supporting this? If your MPP won’t vote to protect your parental rights and religious freedom, is it time to vote in someone who will?

Flash Drive with Mark Hasiuk

This Day in History: March 2, 2012

Starting tonight at 7:30 pm, March 2, 2012


RoadKill Radio

Ten years ago today, U.S. Forces launched Operation Anaconda, yet another offensive in the “good war” in Afghanistan – as opposed to the “bad war” in Iraq. George W. Bush launched the Afghanistan war in October of 2001, often citing his own religious beliefs as justification for this and his many other policy debacles.

Mark Hasiuk questions how former President Bush reconciles his beliefs in the basic tenets of the New Testament with the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians as well as thousands of American, Canadian, and allied forces.

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