Feb 282012

RoadKill Radio News: Canada’s Supreme Court Weasels Out!

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they speak with Don Hutchinson, VP and General Legal Counsel of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada continued its systematic erosion of parental rights in the education of their children by refusing to decide in a case that would allow home schooled children to opt out of programs that parents may find contrary to their cultural and religious beliefs.

Until harm is done, said the Court, the children must be subjected to the state’s version of religious instruction. No harm prevention considered!? Why, then, does the Court allow children to be forcibly removed from their homes when the State perceives potential harm? The Supreme Court’s anti-parent double standard is showing again.

And now comes Ontario’s Bill 13, using bully tactics of its own to further erode parental rights. Get Informed and Get Mobilized!

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