Feb 262012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray discuss the official complaint filed with British Columbia’s Minister of Education, George Abbott, concerning the acceptance and use of hateful slurs by and in the public school system. Epithets such as ‘homophobe’ and ‘heterosexist’ are being used in official school documents and by teachers and members of the school board, often to demean a person’s cultural, moral or religious opinion.

Also discussed is the phenomenon of the anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day initiative being taken over by special interest groups to insert exclusionary programs within the public school system. Kids are, in fact, being bullied into wearing pink shirts to school to support biased political activism. Perhaps kids should wear white shirts to show that they won’t be bullied…

James Dean in a White Shirt

  2 Responses to “Homophobe is a SLUR!”

  1. All parents of public school children should go to the BCTF site at
    and carefully take note of what the BCTF has planned for your children on February 29th this year. Find out if your children’s school is going to follow this program.

  2. […] school board, often to demean a person’s cultural, moral or religious opinion.” Tune in to RoadKill Radio to take in the show. This entry was posted in News and Views by BCPTL. Bookmark the […]

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