Jan 242012

Hello, dear visitors. No, we haven’t abandoned you. The RoadKill team has been out and about poking our sticks into old and new hornet nests – all for your enlightenment. We wanted to take a winter vacation, but sex activists, smart meter installers, rogue judges, unethical politicians, Big Pharma, and a host of other special (and kooky) interests kept us busy. We took notes and shot some video, and now RoadKill Radio revs up its lineup for 2012…

We have many new features that we plan to roll out this year. February marks our return with familiar shows…

  • RoadKill Radio News: slightly new name, same socially conscious content hosted by the indefatigable Kari Simpson.
  • The Mark Hasiuk Show: more fast-action journalistic interviews by Vancouver Courier columnist Mark Hasiuk.
  • Culture Guard: reports on new and continued efforts to protect Canada’s besieged culture, featuring Ron Gray and Kari Simpson.
  • Drive for Justice: periodic updates on Kari Simpson’s renewed war against the corruption in Canada’s courts.

And later this year…

  • Family Freedom Fighters: Ron Gray tackles the issues that put our families at risk.
  • Health and Politics: what’s healthy, what’s not, and how politics and law are often damaging our personal health.
  • The National Absurder: news and commentary about the absurd side of Canadian life – as seen by an American, Jim Lawter.

It all starts Tuesday night, Valentine’s Day, February 14, with the return of RoadKill Radio News!

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  1. Keep up the good work,perhaps the floodgates of helpers will open for a better future.

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