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RoadKill Radio Special!

Join Kari Simpson & Ron Gray

Can we trust the RCMP?

Tonight, December 21, 2011

On RoadKill Radio

7:30 – 9:30

RoadKill Redux: Out In Schools Exposed – Culture Guard is Born

Cops, Schools & Sex Activists

The “anti-bullying” SCAM!

Are your children and grandchildren being cultivated into becoming sex activist?

Are your hard-earned tax dollars being given to, and abused by, left-wing sex radicals?

Is it time to end the abuse of the public education system, children, parents and tax-payers? YES!!

Seen for the first time in its entirety since it first aired in mid-September, here is RoadKill Radio’s initial expose of British Columbia’s “Out In Schools” scandal. See how it all started – without all the hype, hate, and spin that followed.

Here is a clear explanation of the facts, the same-day recount of the news conference, and a blow-by-blow of how the Vancouver Police Department failed to take a child endangerment case seriously.

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  2 Responses to “Back by popular demand! The story behind Pornogate!”

  1. Who is to blame for perverting BC children in schools?
    Why are our BC Governments normalizing Kinsey Sex Education from Kindergarten in the guise to stop bullying? Bullying is wrong, but normalizing homosexuality and immorality from Kindergarten is diabolical. What kind of Governments, Courts, School Teachers and Police do this? Has BC changed it’s name to Sodom to legalize this? Two homosexual scientists Dean Hammer and Simon La Vay claim to have found a homosexual gene,but no other scientist anywhere can replicate their experiments to prove them. This Is BS meaning Bad Science. The Centers for Disease Control and The Public Health Agency Of Canada’s HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report have been giving data on the morbidity in homosexuality for decades. Gay Bowel Syndrome is a collection of diseases that cause the mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract, and are endemic in the homosexual population proving sodomy to be morbid. Our concern about teaching this from Kindergarten is not homophobia,heterophobia, sodomophobia or discrimination of any kind, but common sense proven by verifiable scientific facts. What kind of people teach this BS to BC schoolchildren as truth? What kind of people elect BC N.D.P. and BC Liberal Governments that normalize this? Legalizing this is diabolical. Government, Courts and Police should promote public virtue, not sound like condom salesmen and seduce BC children in State Sponsored Vice. How many BC Parents and Voting Citizens have lost their moral direction? We fought Two World Wars against countries who redefined science and law to legalize their atrocities. I hope our citizens come to their senses politically, and give morally bankrupt BC governments the boot that they so deserve. We need good government not vice peddlers.

  2. Teaching immorality to schoolchildren, as normal alternative behavior from Kindergarten is the worst hate crime against parents, and schoolchildren possible. This is diabolical. There is a Culture War raging for the minds and souls of BC schoolchildren. BC Citizens this is not the time to be politically AWOL ,as the laws we have to live with are made by Bills passed into law by our elected politicians. In a democracy the voting citizens are responsible for the laws of the land. This is no time to be unconcerned.

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