Dec 202011

During a heated campaign for Burnaby School Board Trustee in British Columbia, an alarming array of distracting tactics were used to trip up Burnaby Parents’ Voice candidates. One such tactic was to file spurious complaints with the police against the candidates. Despite the fact – as admitted by the officers in this video – that the police were already convinced that the charges were baseless, the police still wasted much time and effort and a huge amount of taxpayer money with their “investigation” and kept the pressure on the candidate and his family. Is the RCMP playing a willing role in local politics?

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  4 Responses to “RCMP Officers Interview Gordon World with Kari Simpson”

  1. Although the police figured the charges against Mr World they still now have a file on him. That there is a “file” for no reason is troublesome to me.

  2. Dr. Maria Crenshaw, asked 800 sexologists at the World Congress of Sexology, “If you had available the partner of your dreams, and knew that person carried the HIV virus would you rely on a condom for protection ?”

    Not a single person raised a hand !

    So she accused them all of giving irresponsible advice to youth.

    Condoms have an overall failure rate for preventing pregnancy of ten percent and even a higher rate in the prevention of AIDS transmission because the virus is so small. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health did high-powered X-ray examinations of latex surgical gloves similar to condom latex and found lots of holes 5 microns in diameter. The AIDS virus is 0.1 microns, and can pass through such ” protective ” latex without even touching the sides of the hole.

    Politically Correct BC politicians, judges, political parties,homosexual activists with the help of police ought not to be developing curriculum, and normalizing homosexual behavior in BC Public Schools from Kindergarten . What kind of citizens would do or allow this?
    The Public Health Agency Of Canada’s HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report proves the morbidity in homosexual behavior.

    Gay Bowel Syndrome, are a collection of diseases that cause the mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract. These are endemic in the homosexual population proving sodomy to be extremely morbid. Why is this normalized from Kindergarten by our Teachers,Courts, Government and Police? Why does The Popular Media censor letters from concerned citizens who point out the verifiable scientific facts, about the morbidity of normalizing homosexuality from Kindergarten?

    Two homosexual scientists Dean Hammer and Simon La Vay claim to have discovered a homosexual gene, but no other scientist anywhere can repeat their experiments to prove them. This is BS meaning Bad Science. Why are school teachers teaching this BS as truth from Kindergarten? This is the worst hate crime against Schoolchildren and Parents possible. Why are the RCMP treating Parents and Citizens as criminals who point out the morbidity of normalizing homosexuality from Kindergarten? This proves that British Columbia has changed it’s name to Sodom, by government decree and court enforcement.

    In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing Traditional Family Values Politicians to our Legislatures and Parliament. To School Boards too. These elected Politicians pass Bills into Law that everyone has to live with. BC citizens do not remain AWOL in The Culture War Raging for the minds and souls of our children. Our children are to precious to pervert and destroy. If you don’t protect your children who will?

  3. The RCMP has no legal nor moral right to investigate British Columbia parents in regards to their concern for the moral and sexual protection of their children from “undesirable” activists both privately and publicly at public meetings such as the all candidates meeting for the election of school trustees.

    It is vital that parents are fully informed as to what is in the public school curriculum so that they can exert their constitutional right(s) to withdraw their kids from courses that the parents believe to be morally unacceptable and that neither the school board nor the RCMP have any legal nor constituional right to state otherwise!

    Parents can withdraw their kids from school and teach at home or at a private school, so why should that be any different from withdrawing them from certain classes declared unacceptable.

    RCMP “interference” in the basic process of free speech in Burnaby or any other jurisdiction that covers schools, is yet one more serious blot on their reputation that will be used to initiate a province-wide referendum to have them replaced by a local police force by 2015. Under what section of the Canadian Criminal code does it require the RCMP or any other police force to “interview and coerce” any British Columbian in regards to his/her right and that of their kids to freedom of expression (S2) and protection of person (S7) under the constitution!

    The RCMP and other police forces in Canada should be specifically restricted to looking for and prosecuting paedophiles and sex perverts/offenders and not being anyway involved in left wing politics and socialist activism of “certain minorities”! The school agenda should exclude those materials that parents may deem to be unaccptable, especially for those with strong moral or religious convictions.

  4. Kari Simpson and Ron Gray. I want to thank you for all the good work you are doing.
    It is a very difficult kind of work, and I am very grateful that we have people like you, who are not afraid to stand up for what is right, and at the same time you have the ability to do it.
    I would prefer, though, that you would use the word `children` instead of `kids`.

    My best wishes, Ejnar.

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