Dec 122011

Why is the RCMP pandering to gay sex activist teachers?

Why is the RCMP bullying and intimidating hard-working concerned parents?

Can we trust the RCMP?

Why are they wasting time and your money investigating bogus “hate speech” complaints that they, the RCMP, know are false?

What are these politically-motivated gay activist teachers, like Deb Sutherland, teaching our kids?

These questions demand answers! Enough is Enough! RoadKill Radio caught these bully officers on video! Yes, the whole video is available! Watch as these RCMP officers try to intimidate this parent, all the while knowing he did NOTHING wrong. Watch as our own feisty RoadKill Radio co-host Kari Simpson takes over the RCMP interview and gets full disclosure from the officers!

Are you fed-up yet? Time to push back, people, before it is too late! This is important!! Pass it on to your friends; we must stop the insanity!

Join hosts Kari Simpson and Ron Gray
with their guests Helen Ward and Gordon World.

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  One Response to “Tuesday, December 13, 2011: RCMP Acting as Gay Toady BULLIES?!”

  1. Whenever they answer the question Why they do what they do, they display their moral bankruptcy. When Politically Correct Relativism is taught from Kindergarten, then objective thinking becomes obsolete in every profession. There are very few exceptions. Subjective Political Correctness becomes the norm,by government decree and court enforcement. We fought Two World Wars against Tyrants like these, who redefine Law and Science to Socially Engineer Society to follow their agenda,or be punished. Democracies with false worldviews become ruled by Tyrants. Scott lively and Kevin Abrams show this in their book,”The Pink Swastika”. History verifies this in many other documents as well. The Nazi Supreme Court and Government passed over 400 laws to legalize their atrocities. That is why The Nazi leaders said we did nothing wrong after The Second World War, at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Technically they were right but,Objective thinking was in vogue and not Subjective Politically correct Relativism, so they were indicted. The Public Health Agency Of Canada’s HIV and AIDS in Canada’s Surveillance Report shows the morbidity of normalizing this activity from Kindergarten. This can be proven also by other verifiable facts. Does the Nazi excuse at The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials sound familiar BC?

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