Nov 242011


Abortions Lead to Autism, Epilepsy,
and so much more!

Not ethically proven, Western medicine’s abortion procedures doom children to life-long debilitation.

Nov 24, 2011– 7:30 pm

Join Mark Hasiuk as he interviews medical researcher Brent Rooney about the mounting evidence that induced abortions lead to autism, retardation, epilepsy, and a host of other problems for the eventual children of women who abort. Why is the “suction abortion” technique practiced throughout western medicine when it is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code? How has political correctness and peer pressure suppressed the truth of these dangers?

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  One Response to “Thursday, November 24, 2011: Abortions Cripple Countless Later Births”

  1. Mothers took care of business, and taught their children how when their husbands got sick or died. My own mother did this when dad got sick, and nursed him back to health.
    The majority of the Suffragettes were good mothers and wives. They like my mom made the world better and eventually got the right to vote, as other so-called Darwin’s lower races eventually did in Canada and the West. Study Darwin’s, The Decent Of Man And Selection In Relation To Sex, along with all his footnotes including the scientists cited with their works. Darwin and his friends re-definition of science was adopted by, Nazi’s, Communists, and now Western Politically Correct Relativism as well as other views who legalized atrocities. When Theories like Darwinism and Politically Correct Relativism are the “only” worldviews taught as science and truth from Kindergarten,along with love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt (Abortion) by government decree and court enforcement, what else can be expected?

    The National Women’s Party was founded by Alice Paul in 1915 and she authored The Equal Rights Amendment. Alice Paul stated that,” Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women by men.” There was no disagreement from fellow suffragettes.
    When the women’s movement got highjacked by women who make the world worse, like Betty Friedan and followers, abortion the killing of children in their mom’s wombs became vogue. The new Western worldview of Politically Correct Relativism in Government,Law,and Education tries to make reason out of nonsense, legalizes Abortion and sets precedents for more atrocities to come, by government decree and court enforcement.
    Men and Women who make the world better did unite in Canada, and forced Parliament to pass a Bill into Canadian Law raising the age of sex consent in 2008,thus closing the legal loophole in Canadian Parliamentary Legislation and Supreme Court Of Canada Law that allowed sexual predators by right to sexually exploit consenting Canadian Children.
    In a Democracy the people choose the laws of the land, and when evil is explained using verifiable scientific facts, they have changed rotten Supreme Court Of Canada Law and evil Parliamentary Legislation. Their is a Culture War Raging for the minds and souls of impressionable Canadian Children. Friends, Canadians, Countrymen and women, if you don’t protect your children who will? Please do not remain AWOL politically in this Culture War, because we can win it for a better Canada.

    After The Second World War ten Nazi leaders were indicted by The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, for encouraging and compelling abortions,which it considered, ” Crimes Against Humanity.” The Nazi Supreme Court and Government passed over 400 laws legalizing their atrocities. That is why the Nazi’s said,”we did nothing wrong as we did not break the law.” This Politically Correct Relativism did not work as an excuse for the Nazi’s. Why is it now working for Western Governments, Judges, Police and Education Establishments? Has almost everyone in The West gone stark raving mad?These hate crimes are being normalized in Western Civilization trough our Governments,Courts and Education Establishments. How long will our citizens allow this to go on in democratic Canada?
    “Trials of War Criminals”,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington DC: USGPO,Vol.IV page 610.

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