Nov 222011

Join RoadKill Radio’s Kari Simpson in this Culture Guard special as she interviews Bill Whatcott about the events that led up to his lawsuit before the Supreme Court of Canada.

YOUR freedom of speech, YOUR freedom of Religion in Canada is at stake in this epic court battle. Will the Justices classify the Bible as “hate speech” because it identifies certain behavior as sinful?

  2 Responses to “22 November 2011 Webcast: Will “Political Correctness” Finally Doom us All to a Life of Censorship?”

  1. When a former Christian Democratic society changes it’s worldview , in Government, Law, Education to Politically Correct Relativism by Government Decree and Court Enforcement, without a political backlash from it’s so-called Christian citizens and clergy, then Christianity in Western Culture becomes marginalized. Even the Politically Correct Nicolaitan clergy and laity turn it into a commercial side show led by sophists. Extremely entertaining but without substance. Like a costume party. Will this change? I hope so.
    Professor Tom Landers , Dr.Walter Szetela and friends did unite concerned citizens across Canada ,and got Parliament To raise the age of sex consent in Canada in 2008, thus closing a legal loop hole in Canadian Legislation and Law of 2005, that allowed predators to legally sexually exploit Canadian children. If morbid behavior, Supreme Court Law , Parliamentary Legislation, and Public Education of impressionable children can be proven scientifically to be rotten to Canadian citizens, most at least in 2008 got Parliament to Pass a Bill to change this evil Legislation.
    In a democracy the citizens are Caesar, if they are responsible to exercise their political rights, to protect Canadian Children from morbid exploitation.

  2. In Sodom the citizens do not recognize the need for righteousness, as the Priests of that place.
    Love without meaning, (Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt (Abortion), they teach schoolchildren from kindergarten by court enforcement and government decree.

    In a democracy the citizens are Caesar. We know how people who claim to be Christs vote by asking them, and listening to their response. This was once part of a Western Christian Civilization in Government, Law and Education, where inalienable human rights according to Genesis 1:27, were pointed out in time by righteous citizens to convince the majority, who called themselves Christian, when a false interpretation of science and law manipulated the humanity of certain people, and eventually Legislated an end to this evil exploitation.

    At the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials ,ten Nazi Leaders were indicted for compelling and encouraging Abortion, ” a crime against humanity.” Western Civilization is in a mess now and a false view of Christianity doesn’t help anyone. The Christians of the Jerusalem dispersion, kicked out by the Institutional High Priests, turned the Pagan World 180 ,wherever they settled. As Professor Tom Landers often taught, ” what hinders you?” Do you really believe that The Worldview of Politically Correct Relativism by Government decree, and Court enforcement is better than Christianity for our democratic Civilization?

    Jesus gave us volition to use wisely, but how many do for a benevolent democracy? In the Democratic West the future is in the hands and minds of our voting citizens. It all comes down to the final question, what do you really want in life, Jesus or Politically Correct Relativism? Western Democratic Civilization is not quite Sodom yet, but many of the Bills passed into law, in our Parliament and Legislatures by elected politicians, are the same ones Caligula himself would have desired.

    We fought hard to change rotten Supreme Court Of Canada law and Parliamentary legislation of 2005 for the sake of Canadian children and won in 2008, but the majority of the ones who call themselves Christian still don’t see the political solution to this problem. Isn’t it time to start being Christian instead of masquerading. If the believers of the dispersion turned the pagan world 180 wherever they settled in the beginning, what is stopping you? Don’t you think real Christianity is better than Pagan Christianity? Our Western Democratic Politically Correct by establishment Civilization is in a mess, because of it’s new worldview by government decree and court enforcement. It can become benevolent politically, if citizens become involved in The Culture War raging for the minds and souls of impressionable children, youth , and citizens by Politically Correct Relativism enforced by governments,courts and education establishments who ought to know better.

    Two homosexual scientists, Dean Hammer and Simon La Vay say they have discovered a homosexual gene, but no other scientist anywhere has been able to replicate their experiments to prove them. This is BS meaning Bad Science. Why is This BS taught to impressionable children as truth from kindergarten by adult teachers who ought to know better? Isn’t this diabolical?

    Now scientifically proven morbid behavior is taught as normal to impressionable children starting from kindergarten by adult teaches who ought to know better. This is done by Government decree and Court enforcement, even in spite of the verifiable scientific facts proving the health risks of normalizing this activity from kindergarten. What kind of a society teaches this to impressionable children from Kindergarten?

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