Nov 082011

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Kari Simpson and Ron Gray interview two candidates for School Trustee in Burnaby, BC – Homara Ahmad and Charter Lau of Burnaby Parents’ Voice – about the over-the-top viscous hate attacks that they’ve suffered from their opponents. Are the days of civil elections in Canada a thing of the past? What spurs such haters to go on the attack like this? Is Hate the evil stepchild of Political Correctness – or its direct progeny?

  One Response to “8-11-2011 Webcast: HATE”

  1. I am a caucasian canadian and want to thank these two guests for coming on your show Kari. I would like to extend thanks to the asian community for getting involved in stemming the homosexual aggression . This goes of course goes in tandem to Homara , the same thanks and I encourage your communtiy to be involved in your school.
    I know from all my writing, to different newspapers in the us and canada. Anyone who comes out against the homosexual agenda get threatened and hateful comments from a variety of people. I think they come out and get all their friends to make lude , hateful comments to anyone who does not agree with them. You have to realize that it is ok for homosexuals to hate anyone who does not agree with them and like little children they throw tantrums when they dont get their way. Look at the toronto mayor who would not participate in the homoday parade. The homos ridiculed him in all areas during the parade. I have written to CTV in vancouver about this but Tamara and the gang only want to talk about puppy dogs and what interests them .

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