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A message from Kari Simpson – This LIFE MATTERS special is dedicated to the memory of baby Rodney Effert, who was strangled to death by his mother shortly after his birth – and then on Sept 14, 2011 was abandoned by the Canadian Justice system when the Alberta Court of Appeal overturned Katrina Effert’s murder conviction. Angry Canadians became outraged when the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the appeal.

The time is now for you, as civil and just Canadians, to demand protection for our most vulnerable. It is time to end the taxpayer funded extermination of our children through the brutal act of abortion. It is time to send a clear message to the courts and to our elected officials that LIFE MATTERS.

The life of baby Rodney deserved to be protected.
Prime Minister Harper, WE DEMAND THE DEBATE.

Life Matters, your voice counts.

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  2 Responses to ““Life Matters” Special – We Demand the Debate”

  1. excellent program Kari thanks for your work and all those involved in this… I will day by day I will plug away at getting this website out to as many people as i can. ….gmohns

  2. I find this upsetting to no end, and will not be the silent no more. This topic hits close to home for me as a mother and now grandmother , but also one who has been victomized by the ministry of families. I wanted my children but my last baby was taken from me and has you Carrie are aware of how this ministry operates have heard this story told by myself and countless others. My oldest daughter told a lie to this ministry because she wanted to be with her boyfriend, she was urged to tell her story because she was told she could be removed if she agreed to make a complaint via interview. Instead of being allowed to live with her boyfriend at age 15 she was placed into a foster home, not what she had planned. Her relationship ended, (it was heading that way she attempted to save it by lying to be with him.) She ended up starting pot, drinking and got herself pregnant and MCFD HELPED HER GET AN ABORTION!!.
    Not too long after that mcfd removed my last child and used her testomoney has proof against me however they already admitted to being aware that she lied in the first place. When she figured out that I was about to find out about her report she got preganat again this time she was spending a lot of time comforting me with my loss. But she told me her boyfriend did not want her on the pill has he was fearfull this would help her to have affairs behind his back and so she brought the pillls to me. This dose not sound like a fully functioning brain to me at age 19. She promised me they were using condoms but ended up pregant again. i did not support her choice to abort the first one and made it clear that a second abortion would result in me not wanting her around murder is murder. Mcfd could have talked her into keeping the first to life term and giving it to a loving family that wanted a child to love. I found out about her report just before she gave birth and out of frustration I turned my back on her. This hurts me deeply. But even more so it hurts that my child of three happy, healthy, and alive was taking from me when I was doing nothing wrong.
    I was on welfare and could not afford daycare and was ordered to lie to my family docter about the amount of day care being used in order to cover three full days a week. The daycare kept giving us the slots when the pro D days fell on so it turned out that the more I lied to get extra funding we could not use that funding has the day care got paid for those days we could not even use the facility, there fore I refused to keep telling the lie because I was haunted by the fine print on the daycare subsidy that informs me it is against the law to lie for funding. My child was removed after that refusol to tell the lie. they claimed that I was unable to nagoteiate a service, while I lied I was being praised for being able to nagotiate a service, I will admit I can not spell but that is all has it is clearly true. But even more suprising is that in my file I am also accused of being a welfare scammer. This was written long before I was ordered to lie by Mcfd. My choice to walk away from my oldest even though she gave me a grandchild was a painfull choice but because she lies and Im her targot it is not safe to have her around me.
    I lost my entire family, and an innocent lost the chance to be loved by a family and to have the chance to draw that first of many breaths. I am angry and bitter and will be for a very, very, long time. Your stories have inspired to to take up law and bring my expeirences into that feild but frustation mounts has it is a four or more year process and I want results and changes now!!. No more abrotions, help fill empty cribs, and waiting arms.

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