Oct 182011

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THOMAS SCHUCK is a lawyer, freedom fighter and truth-sayer. Thomas Schuck is also YOUR freedom protector, YOUR faith defender and guardian of YOUR free speech rights!

Oh… and yes, he is also Bill Whatcott’s legal counsel.

You need to be aware that on October 12, 2011 a crucial case was heard in the Supreme Court of Canada that involved YOU and YOUR liberty rights to freedom of thought, religion and speech.

Tonight, Thomas Schuck details the events leading-up to his recent appearance before the Supreme Court of Canada, a historic event as the case involved a record number of interveners.

Click here for info on how to obtain your copy of the Freedom of What?Cott or to watch the trailer.

  One Response to “YOUR FREEDOM is on TRIAL, along with BILL WHATCOTT’s!”

  1. Hmmmm so, got a call from Clint Hutton telling me NOT to miss your last broadcast.

    I tuned in and listened. Good show, great to hear the SC is on track, however I have to tell Terry that my lawyer is interested in her “Hate” towards Smokers….

    My feelings were very very “hurt”, lol… so I will be seeking some sort of compensation from Terry.

    Perhaps a package of NEXT Blue regular, will make me feel better..

    You should get on that …

    Nice work Kiddies, keep it up.


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