Sep 062011

Inspect before you inject!


A Back to School Special!

With Kari Simpson & Ron Gray

Show #114, Part 1, audio only:

Download Show #114, Part 1, audio only

7:30 – 8:15 pm: HEALTH ALERT!! Are health officials using children as guinea pigs?! Are health officials lying to us about the risks associated with some vaccines?! LESLIE BOTHA, publisher, author, activist, radio and television host and SANE Vax President, NORMA ERICKSON, talk about the controversial vaccine called GARDASIL – a vaccine paid for by Canadian taxpayers and injected at a school near you!. Parents and grandparents this is a must listen to show!!!

Show #114, Part 2, audio only:

Download Show #114, Part 2, audio only

8:40 – 9:30 pm: A back to school special! HELEN WARD, President of KIDS FIRST will update us on All-Day Kindergarten (AKA taxpayer-funded daycare) and what parents need to know about the public education system!

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