Jul 262011

Guns, Freedom, Life & War (HST!)!

Join Kari Simpson & Mark Hasiuk!

7:30 – 8:10 pm: GUNS!GARY MAUSER is a Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Business Administration and the Institute for Urban Canadian Research Studies at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. He talks to us about the Conservative government’s decision to scrap the Gun Registry. Professor Mauser’s interest in firearms and “gun control” grew out of his research in political marketing. For the past 15 years, Professor Mauser has conducted research on the politics of gun control, the effectiveness of gun control laws, and the use of firearms in self defense.

8:10 – 8:35 pm: FREEDOM!STEVE ANDERSON is the founder and executive director of OpenMedia.ca, and became a bit of a living legend when he mobilized the Stop The Meter campaign, which is widely considered the biggest online campaign in Canadian history. Steve is an open Internet advocate, writer, and social media consultant and will be joining us from the CRTC hearings that are now taking place. His writing has appeared in numerous local and national print and online publications Steve is a contributing author of CPPA book The Internet Tree. He also writes a monthly syndicated column called Media Links. You can find Steve’s blog at http://openmedia.ca/SteveAnderson

8:35 – 9:00 pm: WAR!BILL TIELEMAN is one of BC’s best known political commentators and strategists and one of the leading voices in the GREAT EXTINGUISH THE HST WAR of 2010 & ‘11! Bill writes a politics column Tuesdays in 24 Hours newspaper and The Tyee online magazine. Bill has been Communications Director in the B.C. Premier’s Office and at the BC Federation of Labour and owns West Star Communications, a consulting firm providing strategy and communication services for labour, business, non-profits and government.

9:00 – 9:30 pm: LIFE!RENEE SCHMITZ, Director for Canadian Nurses for Life, will talk about the growing problems associated with life in a culture of death. Increasingly doctors, nurses, pharmacist, teachers and marriage commissioners are being forced to deal and participate in issues of conscience. Court cases are taking place, we as tax-payers are paying for this… Should a doctor who values the life of a baby in the womb be forced to abort the baby? Should a nurse who works to save lives be required to assist in the ending of a life?! Important topic; it defines, in part, our life, our culture!


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