Jul 192011

Internet Freedom


Protecting Children from Social Workers!

With Kari Simpson & Mark Hasiuk!

Show #110, Part 1, audio only:

Download Show #110, Part 1, audio only

7:30 – 8:15 pm: STEVE ANDERSON is the founder and executive director of OpenMedia.ca, and became a bit of a living legend when he mobilized the Stop The Meter campaign, which is widely considered the biggest online campaign in Canadian history. Steve is an open Internet advocate, writer, and social media consultant and will be joining us from the CRTC hearings that are now taking place. His writing has appeared in numerous local and national print and online publications Steve is a contributing author of CPPA book The Internet Tree. He also writes a monthly syndicated column called Media Links. You can find Steve’s blog at http://openmedia.ca/SteveAnderson.

Show #110, Part 2, audio only:
Download Show #110, Part 2, audio only

8:15 – 8:40 pm: DEREK HOARE, updates us on the on-going abuse of his daughter Ayn and his family by the Ministry of Destruction. Loyal listeners will recall the horrifying details heard here on RKR June 28 as Derek personally told his story for the first time about the legal kidnapping of his autistic daughter being snatched by social workers from her school. Yes, the horror story continues! Derek will update us. Listen in and hear how social workers drugged and hospitalized 9 year-old Ayn, and find out what the doctors report says! Don’t forget, you are paying for this insanity! Click here to watch our previous interview with Derek.

Show #110, Part 3, audio only:
Download Show #110, Part 3, audio only

8:40 – 9:30 pm: DOUG CHRISTIE – Lawyer, Freedom Fighter, and affectionately known here at RoadKill Radio as the Peoples’ Voice for Justice is joined by his clients and well-known RKR guests Zabeth and Paul Bayne to talk about changes that must be made to child protection laws and an up-coming conference that is being held here in Vancouver. The Evidenced Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference features medical and other experts advocating the need for science based investigations and policy protocols in child abuse investigations.

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