Jun 282011

Another GOV Child Abduction,

growing Conservatism


good news… hope!

Join Terry O’Neill & Kari Simpson!

Show #107, Part 1, audio only:
Download Show #107, Part 1, audio only

7:30 – 8:15 pm: DEREK HOARE, a committed father of 3… well 2 now that his autistic daughter has been snatched by the Ministry of Destruction! Yes, another horror story! And guess what, no investigation, no consultation just scoop and destroy! Don’t forget, you are paying for this insanity! Click here for the Abbotsford News story then log on to hear the story from the father, his own words.

Show #107, Part 2, audio only:
Download Show #107, Part 2, audio only

8:15 – 8:45 pm: Conservatives are coming out in force! To talk about this is JOSEPH BEN-AMI, BlogStar and self-declared, unrepentant conservative and one of the leading forces behind the CANADIAN OBSERVER! Check it out here. (Yeppers RKR is adding another recommended link!)

Show #107, Part 3, audio only:
Download Show #107, Part 3, audio only

8:45 – 9:30 pm: ZABETH & PAUL BAYNE will update us on their story. Is there hope that this family will finally be reunited?!! And current events that you need to know about!

  2 Responses to “28 June 2011 Webcast”

  1. It is enlightening to see honest hearted persons supporting Constitutional Rights and Freedoms and helping children abused by the corrupt system.

  2. My sentiments and appraisal of the family constellation following visit to Hoare family home can be stated as nothing less than favourable in all regards. While I have not yet met Ayn, I can directly comment upon the interactions between father and siblings and I am impressed by the ease in which the home flows with genuine love, mutual understanding, respect and trust. It is inconceivable to me that separation has emerged from a benign situation, but more so, that alienation continues to be an ongoing issue.

    Velvet Martin,
    Protecting Canadian Children, Spokesperson
    Tetrasomy 18p Canada, Administrator

    ☻ ♥ ☻
    .||. .||.
    In Celebration of the Importance of Life & Loving Memory of: Samantha Lauren Martin, June 4, 1993 – December 3, 2006.

    “The Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program to have separate legislation from that of child protection services.”

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