Jun 262011

Our own Terry O’Neill weighs in on Vancouver’s 2011 Hockey Riot and the role that personal media is playing to apprehend the criminals involved.

Hear the original podcast here.

Read the full “apology” letter here.


  3 Responses to “Terry O’Neill on CBC’s Cross Country Checkup re Vancouver Riot 2011”

  1. I heard you mention that “justice delayed is justice denied” on Cross-Country Check-Up on Sunday the 26th, and it was nice to hear a reference to history – if I am right in thinking that you were referring to aritcle 40 of the Magna Carta of 1215:  “…, to no one will we refuse OR DELAY right or justice.”  We seem to have lost sight in our judicial system of this truth, and don’t we really badly need to stop carrying on as if intolerable delays and oppressive lengths of time wasted were acceptable?

  2. What is the link to the Post article on this subject that was written by Terry? It would be convenient to click on such a link after listening to the interview.

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