Jun 062011

Recorded 31 May 2011, this is the RoadKill Radio interview of Magda and Kevin of Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Their case is well-documented by People Assisting Parents Association at PA-PA.ca.

On the afternoon of 5 June 2011, Ministry officials abducted this couple’s newborn baby – the second one they abducted in two years – at the Royal Columbian Hospital in Burnaby, BC. The RCMP removed Kevin and his parents from the hospital. The local police refused to get involved. The Ministry continues to terrorize this poor, innocent couple.

Also watch PA-PA.ca’s 31 May 2011 interview that reveals Tactics of Government Baby Snatching in Canada.


  3 Responses to “Ministry-Sanctioned Baby Snatching”

  1. i love my country, but i fear my government…think on this, if canada is supposed to be one of the best places to live in the world, then this is as good as it gets? depending on who you listen to, mankind is anywhere between 10,000 and a million years old, and the best people we can get to run the country treat us like cattle. it is time for the new revolution!

  2. What happened to this video that it cannot be viewed?

  3. A letter sent from star_Ella brunelle asking that Christy Clark look into the abuse propagated by the MCFD.
    Dear Christy,

    I am grateful that you state that our government will ensure that families will be the focus of our decision making. This is exactly what we need. Not only in this province but within our whole country. It would be wonderful to see positive changes within the Ministry of Children and family Development. If we can start there, I believe we would witness remarkable benefits to families who have been devastated due to our legislation. I have read numerous stories from families who are crying out for help by starting their own blogs, websites and reaching out to media it is all over the place. In fact I just heard the Baynes story on Roadkill Radio that Kari Simpson aired with them. If you have not heard it you might want to hear it is absolutely devastating what has happened to these children and parents all because no one is willing to do a complete and thorough investigation. Kari Simpson has been working with families who have had to deal with the MCFD for two decades. She would be one to speak with in regards to. The concerns of all these citizens needs to be addressed. I don’t believe that such a numerous amount of families would fabricate the treatment they have endured at the hands of the social workers who have abused their power.. A lot of families are being damaged at the hands of these civil servants who are supposed to be set in place to help build up families. Not to destroy them. I am in hopes that you will be able to shed a light on what is going on within our province. I have been given your name from a gentleman who believes you have great integrity. I realize that the MCFD is the hardest Ministry to hold accountable for their actions but it has to start somewhere. When citizens have gathered and have documented proof and have requested independent reviews of cases they should not be refused this right. In the case of the woman human rights I have been helping over the last nine months all the government bodies set in place to help bring true justice to her and her family have not done so. I and my family have had all the responsibility put on us to help her, It is a great honour but this is wrong. I have been asking for help from my government for nine long moths. We should be able to trust in our government that all human rights are protected in each and every case. In this case of the woman we have been helping, her human rights have most definitely not been protected. Please contact me with regards to this matter. I will look forward to hearing from you/
    Thank you, Starr-Ella Brunelle (sent to Christy Clark, Mar. 15, 2011

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