Jun 052011

What’s a family?

Does “gender” matter?

RoadKill Radio and National Post columnist Barbara Kay teamed up Tuesday night to answer those important questions.

The first guests on the provocative weekly Internet public affairs radio show were the parents of a pre-born child that the BC Ministry of Children and Families was waiting to snatch as she emerged from the womb. The parents—a Salmon Arm, BC couple who had come to the Lower Mainland to escape the clutches of the Ministry—had in their possession a letter that affirmed them as loving parents; but it also chastised them for their reluctance to cooperate with the Ministry in making plans for their children!

The question that emerges: whose children are they?

The family—whose surname is being withheld to protect the children—is under assault by the Ministry because the mother and father refuse to accept the sovereignty of the provincial ministry over their private lives.

One 18-month-old son was apprehended by the Ministry at birth—even before his mother could nurse him.

Special Bulletin: They did it again!

The couple’s second baby has now been kidnapped at birth. In late afternoon, June 5, 2011 – as this edition of RKR News was being prepared – at the Royal Columbian Hospital in Burnaby, BC, Ministry officials once again overextended their moral and legal rights and kidnapped a baby from these poor victims of the corrupt system. The father and paternal grandparents were escorted out of the hospital by Burnaby RCMP.

Stay tuned for further updates on this tragedy.


In a later item on this week’s broadcast, National Post columnist Barbara Kay, citing last week’s news story about a Toronto family that has chosen to conceal their third child’s gender—allowing baby Storm to choose his/her gender later in life—noted that gender identity is a reality, not a political construct, as the Toronto parents seem to assume.

Commented RoadKill Radio co-host Kari Simpson: “I knew, before I read the story, that one of the parents [must be] a teacher—and a teacher of a ‘Social Justice’ curriculum.”

Barbara Kay added: “It’s a very feminized world out there. This little boy… who says his favourite book is 10,000 Dresses… where would you even find a book like that? Is he exposed to Bob the Builder, or soldier books, or adventure books where manly courage is involved? I think he’s not even being exposed to stories where standardized masculine practices are involved; the things he’s being exposed to are stereotypically female.”

Kari Simpson: “With a father who’s a Social Justice teacher… [who] thinks it’s obnoxious to make decisions for children.”


Another story that broke this week was the May 27, 2011 decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada that, essentially, removes free will from a citizen under special circumstances. In this case, a woman willingly allowed herself to relinquish consciousness in the consensual sex act of erotic asphyxiation – something she and her partner had done on repeated prior occasions – only to have the Supreme Court come along and stick its nose into the couples’ bedroom. The 6-3 decision ruled that unconsciousness negates any consent, that “yes” means “no”, and therefore the man committed a sex crime.

Considering the typical slippery slope of such radical legal decisions, the Court has essentially criminalized waking your wife with a good morning kiss, and snuggling with your dozing boyfriend.

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