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Is Province Columnist Ethan Baron a Bigot?
By Kari Simpson, Co-host of RoadKillRadio.com

June 2, 2011

Is Ethan Baron a media bigot? Yep. Here’s the proof: It’s clear from his musings of May 13, 2011 in the Province newspaper that he willingly presents himself as a self-declared, gay activists’ toady.

His bizarre attack on John Cummins resonates with similar delusions, also hysterically declared as fact, by gay activist and NDP MLA Spencer Herbert about a 12 year-old email written by BC Liberal candidate Mark Dalton. The media ‘reporting’ that ensued was beyond amusing, and made the witch-hunts look almost childish in comparison; but far more educational was the silence that instantly gonged after RoadKill Radio issued a news release suggesting Dalton should sue Herbert for defamation.

It seems that Herbert’s skills in reading and publishing facts are as non-existent as Ethan Baron’s—and many other members of the media. Herbert, when confronted with the libel-laced facts, found an appropriate-sized gag ball, placed it where it belonged, and choked.

Clearly though, Mr. Baron is skilled and possesses some abilities; for example, he is provably fluent in propagandist gayspeak. Like other prominent media blabbers (e.g., Bill Good, Rafe Mair, Mike Smyth) he parrots the factless retro-yack of yesteryear.

It seems these gaydumb toadies cum laude have been left off the email lists of the sexmania trend-setters. Well, let me help you!

Ethan, don’t you know that ’way back in 1999, Gareth Kirkby, then managing editor of Xtra West, publicly declared his “choice” to have sex with men? Then there are Stan Perky’s personal insights, which he so generously broadcast over CKNW in 2000. Rafe Mair, admitting his own ignorance on the subject, had stated:

All right. Stockwell Day raised the issue: as a matter of fact he did it right here on this show where he said that ahhh homosexuality was a matter of choice. Eeee! Great human cries came thereafter, mostly from the non-gay community I think, trying to be liberal like me, saying oh no, no, no, this is something that you’re born with. You’re telling me, Stan, two things; first of all in may or may not be an acquired taste; and secondly what does it matter?

Stan Persky replied; “That’s right…”

Gasp… shock! Quick, Ethan! Call the bigot patrol; you need to slime Persky! Oh wait…he’s gay!?!

It’s time to grow up, Ethan; the world has changed. In case your demonstrated ignorance includes not knowing who Stan Persky is, I’ll help you: Stan is a prolific homosexual writer from North Vancouver. In the off-chance you want to know Stan better, I suggest you read Autobiography of a Tattoo; in part it details his European sexual escapades with male prostitutes—all of ‘legal’ age, of course (wink, wink)—that he indulges in when on a break from his teaching position here in BC.

You can also check out his opposition to criminalizing the creation and possession of child porn.

And then there’s his classic piece, ‘Recruit, Recruit, Recruit’, published in the Vancouver Sun. I am sure Google will be helpful—you do know how to do a Google search?

For the record, I like Stan and Gareth; they’re refreshingly honest—you should try it.

Now, concerning the politics of gay propaganda: I think any political leader or strategist, who analyses the cause of the obliteration of the NDP in 2001, should easily conclude that these issues—namely truth, respect for all people, and parental rights in education—matter deeply to British Columbians. The Burnaby parents provide a current example, one I suggest will be a factor in both the November election of school trustees in Burnaby, but even more resoundingly in the next Provincial Election.

I believe educational choice—including a voucher system, protecting parental rights in matters involving state intrusion into the family, over-zealous social workers, the Infants Act, and the ideological abuse of the classroom by activist teachers—will prove to be pivotal issues.

As for John Cummins: yes, of course the new BC Conservative leader wimped; and if anything makes him unsuitable to be the next Premier of BC, it won’t be his factual, if awkwardly-spoken, comments about choosing one’s sexual behaviour; nor his provable comments about one group being given special status before the BC Human Rights Tribunal. No, it will be his willingness to be led astray by backroom political strategists who don’t know how to talk the language of common-sense, civil-minded British Columbians. But the greater indictment against him is his willingness to be bullied by gullible gaydumb media bigots like you, Ethan Baron.

Kari Simpson Co-hosts RoadKill Radio
and can be heard at RoadKillRadio.com

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