May 272011

BURNABY, May 24, 2011 (RKRNews) — Burnaby parents, helped by RoadKill Radio’s Kari Simpson, staged another rally outside the Burnaby School Board offices tonight—this time adding a news conference at which they informed the media of their concerns.

While a handful of counter-protesters, mostly teenagers, waved signs accusing the parents of “hate”, the news conference clearly made the point that the parents’ primary concern is “Why won’t the School Board answer our questions?

One of those questions is: Since there is already an anti-bullying policy in place that protects all groups—including homosexuals, lesbians and other “sexual orientations”—why is a new policy needed?

Another question is: Why was membership of the “advisory committee” that created the draft policy limited to “GBLTQ+”, but excluded parents, faith group leaders, and mental health professionals?

Parents’ Voice, the group that organized the rallies and the news conference, issued a statement, saying they will not grant any more interviews to radio station CKNW until they get assurances of fair and balanced reporting. Their statement accused the region’s biggest radio station of blatant pro-gay bias and distortion.

Contacts for Parents’ Voice:
Daud Ismail –
Charter Lau –
Gordon World –
For more information on the historical record of CKNW and the gay political agenda visit

  One Response to “Burnaby parents confront school board, accuse CKNW of bias and distortion”

  1. The empirical data on health and safety of an act ought to be considered before it is imposed on impressionable BC Public School children as safe and normal. A world of nice people, content in their own niceness and looking no further at the empirical data on the consequences of these acts can accept all manner of definitions for love. When the data of these acts is looked at the consequences of these acts becomes apparent.
    If someone is headed off a cliff, the compassionate response is to try to stop that person, not allow the person to fall off and then offer to treat the injuries. It is the hight of compassion for parents to unite to oppose this societal disaster with its litany of pain and suffering.
    The BC Government and media ought to be protecting BC Public School children from vice not imposing it.

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