May 072011

By Terry O’Neill – The Tri-City News

FACE TO FACE: Oh, about that federal election…

For the many shell-shocked CBC lovers, Margaret Atwood acolytes and other Trudeaupian Canadians who are trying to explain away the new Conservative majority as nothing more than a deplorable result of a cockeyed electoral system or, perhaps, the appalling outcome of polarized politics, I have three words: Get over it.

The result of Monday’s election is a clear indication that Canadians voted with their heads to support a party that promises reliable management of the economy, less wasteful government and a fairer criminal justice system…

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  One Response to “Canadians voted with their heads”

  1. Perhaps Canadians really are resenting imposed Politically Correct Relativism by decree. George Orwell wrote about what happens to a society when false views are imposed as truth.

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