Apr 302011

RoadKill Radio invites BC Civil Liberties & Euthanasia Prevention Coalition to a debate

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, has accepted an invitation to debate physician-assisted suicide; RoadKill Radio will now invite the BC Civil Liberties Association to represent the other side in an on-air debate.

The issue arose after BCCLA launched a lawsuit aimed at striking down a part of Section 241 of the Criminal Code, which makes it illegal to assist or counsel someone to commit suicide. … Full story here.

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BC government shows ‘contempt’ for Citizens, says Ted Hewlett of BCPTL.

Taking note of RoadKill Radio’s leadership in exposing the Burnaby School Board’s policy on teaching children that homosexuality is OK—and that the BSB declined to defend its policy on-air—Ted Hewlett, Executive Director of BC Parents and Teachers for Life, noted that the School Board’s contempt for parents parallels the contempt the provincial Ministry of Education has shown for a consortium of six organizations that have asked for the Corren Settlement Agreement to be investigated and overturned. The request, made last July, has not yet had a response from Victoria, Hewlett said.

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Pauline Marois’ PQ has more leverage than Gilles Duceppe’s BC in Quebec: Robbins SCE

Speculation that Gilles Duceppe wants to leave Ottawa politics for Quebec City has been scotched by the news that the Parti Quebecois under Pauline Marois has solid control of the separatiste vote in Quebec, said pollster Glenn Robbins.

“She has 93 percent voter approval,” Robbins told RKR.

In a free-wheeling analysis of the federal election on Tuesday night’s RoadKill Radio broadcast, Robbins and co-hosts Kari Simpson and Ron Gray agreed that the NDP surge owed more to the Tories’ and Liberals’ heavy reliance on attack ads than to any rise in popularity of NDP policies, which most Canadians still recognize as economically ruinous. … full story here.

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