Apr 262011

It’s very troubling how the BCTF has defined “social justice” to involve only those issues that are on the Left’s agenda–as if wealth creation, true free speech, and the protection of the family weren’t also legitimate “social” issues relating to “justice.”

Some other thoughts: The hardcore gender stuff is predictable but lamentable. I’m somewhat more surprised (but really shouldn’t be) by the deeply biased “Search for Justice in the Middle East” seminar. Problems centre on the lop-sided panel:

1. Anne Roberts, a journalist, has a track record of being anti-Israel. See: http://www.jewishindependent.ca/Archives/Feb03/archives03Feb28-14.html.

2. Mordecai Briemberg is a longtime far-leftwing activist and a participant in the noxious “Israel Apartheid” movement. See: http://winnipegwobbly.blogspot.com/2010/03/israeli-apartheid-week-organizers.html.

3. Sid Shniad is also a solid supporter of the controversial, Israel-bashing “Israel Apartheid” movement. See: http://www.sources.com/Releases/NR1197.htm.

Some balance!


D03 Searching for justice in the Middle East

Mordecai Briemberg (CanPalNet), Anne Roberts (Langara), Sid Shniad (TWU)

Using the dual lenses of democracy and equality, this workshop will look at zones of conflict in the Middle East, particularly Egypt and Palestine/Israel. We will explore ways that teachers can help students unpack the roots of conflict in the region, and understand the significance of it for us in Canada through respectful exploration of issues and with an open exchange of views.

  One Response to “The BCTF Loses Its Balance”

  1. A Christian culture cannot be institutionalized to the worldview of Darwinian Humanist Atheism with it’s own religious creation story through our education establishments, without the most serious of consequences.

    Many people misunderstand bias, thinking that some individuals are biased and some are not. Consider an atheist, such a person believes there is no God. Therefore, can atheists entertain the question, did God create? Of coarse not. As soon as they even allow it as a question, they are no longer atheists. So to an atheist scientist looking at fossils and the world around him, it would not matter what evidence he were to find. An atheist is one hundred percent biased. One ought to keep this in mind when one reads a textbook or sees television programs or movies produced by Darwinian Humanist Atheists. They already have a creation story based on Darwin’s theory, and it is protected by blasphemy laws in Canada through court decree. No other religious view is tolerated. One must put in the textbook answer to pass the exams. So they can teach Alfred C. Kinsey’s Sex Education to teachers to teach our children in BC schools. They have clubs now in schools to recruit more students into this unhealthy worldview.

    Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s thesis of Outlet Sex, was declared science by him. The only sex education taught at our universities by decree. Kinsey placed all sexual acts on the same moral, social and biological level in or out of marriage, between two people of the same or opposite sex, or sex with children or animals. By declaring that science had found no value in traditional sexual morality, the Kinsey Reports, as they came to be known, provided the Darwinian Humanist Atheist so-called Scientific foundation for the Wests sexual revolution. Sadly this effected us all. In a democracy the citizens are accountable and responsible for the laws of the land, because the politicians we elect to our Legislatures and Parliament pass or reject Bills into Law by majority vote.

    Have you been checking on your Government Web-Sites how the politicians you elect are voting on Bills passed into Law? If you have you know who has been faithful to you and who has been unfaithful regardless of what the popular media says.

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