Apr 262011

FACE TO FACE: Should Canada formally recognize Easter’s Christian roots?

What have I done? I challenged my colleague this week to a debate on whether Canada — as a society and as a country — should do more to celebrate the contribution the Christian faith has made to the way we live. I admit I am now being nagged by the thought I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in 375 words.

Nevertheless, onward we go. I’ll begin by noting that I am gratified that our country continues to mark this day, Good Friday, along with Easter and Christmas as official holidays, even though the original meaning of the word, holy day, no longer registers on most people’s personal radar…

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  2 Responses to “Christian roots are democratic roots”

  1. In The Netherlands homosexual activists , politically correct liberal-minded politicians ,liberal thinking teachers groups ,liberal-minded Unions and Judges ordered the homosexual lifestyle and sodomy to be taught in public schools to children as healthy and normal.

    They also changed the age of sex consent to 12 thus legalizing pedophilia.

    The Journal Of Homosexuality, a so-called scientific homosexual journal, devoted a special issue to “The Pedophilia debate”. This special issue reflects the substantial, influential, and growing segment of the homosexual community that neither hides nor condemns pedophilia ,and they argue it is an acceptable aspect of homosexual sexuality.

    The North American Man-Boy Love Association ( NAMBLA ) actively promotes and lobbies homosexual pedophilia.
    Their platform also wants governments to lower the laws governing the age of sex consent in North America. Their slogan is:” Sex Before Eight,or Else It’s Too Late !” It is sad to see Western Civilization becoming pagan by decree through our so-called Civil liberty Unions and our Western Education Establishments.

    It is outrageous that our liberal-minded politicians march in pride parades with NAMBLA signs around them. Some know very well what this means,but others seem to be ignorant.

    In the Netherlands,the Dutch Paedika: The Journal of Pedophilia, an advocacy publication is highly recommended by Dutch liberals.

    In British Columbia and the rest of Canada some Liberal thinkers, teachers and Judges know the corrupt values they are teaching our children in public school class-rooms while others seem to be ignorant.

    I do not want to see A Canadian Journal of Pedophilia selling in our stores.

    In the guise of separation of church and state the so-called Civil Liberties Unions have separated Christianity , the Ten Commandments from Law, Education and Western Civilization and Instituted Paganism by decree. The consequences of this are everywhere now.

    In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing sensible politicians who pass or reject Bills into Laws. Citizens are supposed to check the Government web-sites to see if the politicians they elected have been faithful to them in passing righteous Bills into law. The popular media seems to have it’s own agenda.

  2. This was taught as science and law in all the Western World not only in Germany. Darwin’s so-called lower races were permitted into the human race to vote in Canada in 1947 with native Canadians in 1960.
    My mother taught me that both William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln used the Bible to prove all human beings are valuable and not to be exploited. My parents got to vote in Canada in 1947. Imagine living in a country where the citizens are taught to think some are more human than others because of their race. There were some so-called Christians that believed in scientific racism because it was taught as science.
    This is the passage that began the end of human trafficking once in the West.
    It is in the first chapter Genesis 1:27, And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.
    From this the majority of Western people were convinced that no human being ought to be trafficked and exploited. This was when the West held the Bible in high esteem. It was used thus to repair wrongs done in the past.
    Now Darwinism is the only religion or worldview allowed to be taught in Western schools by decree.
    With the removal of Christianity and The Ten Commandments from courtroom and classroom walls, and thus law and science by decree we have instead Paganism by establishment. The consequences of this new worldview and religion are everywhere. Canada is now Pagan by decree in law and education and this is reflected by the decisions made by professionals in law, education and throughout our land. There are many people exploited and not permitted to make what is called a living salary.
    In a democracy the citizens are responsible for the laws of the land, because they elect politicians who pass or reject Bills into Law by majority vote in our Legislatures and Parliament.

    One day I will tell you how the late professor’s Tom Landers, Walter Szetela and friends were so upset with the NDP,LIB’s and Block at not raising the age of sex consent in Parliament in Sept.2005, and with all but two Supreme Court Justices decreeing consenting 14 year old’s as adults Dec.2005.
    This allowed pedophiles and sexual predators to exploit and traffic Canadian children legally.
    Tom, Walter and friends worked hard to change this malicious Government and Supreme Court law in 2008. This proves that citizens can change bad laws if they really want to in a democracy.

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