Apr 262011

Show #98 Part 3

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8:30 – 9:30 pm: GLEN ROBBINS, Robbins SCE Research pollster extraordinaire (and a really smart guy), will help us to find the answers to these questions and so much more!

      Harper majority?
      Will Jack Layton become MR. Oh-Oh?
      Can Christy Clark, BC’s scandal-ridden Premier, lose the by-election?

  One Response to “C’mon JACK! We want to hear Iggy call you “Mr. Oh-Oh”! (Official Opposition!)”

  1. Burnaby Douglas NDP MP Bill Siksay’s, Transgendered Bathroom Bill, Bill C-389 passed Parliament because of the majority of Liberal ,NDP and BLOC backing. The election killed this Bill for the moment.

    Bill C-389 would have added the terms Gender Identity and Gender Expression to The Canadian Human Rights Act.

    This would allow men to gain legal access by right to woman’s bathrooms in Canada, Thereby providing the legitimized access that sexual predators desire. This puts Canadian women and children at great risk.

    What kind of people elect politicians who make such laws?

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