Apr 172011

Ezra Levant gives RKR a sizzling preview of his coming daily SUN-TV talk show
Canadian iconoclast Ezra Levant told RoadKill Radio Tuesday night about his hopes for the latest phase of his career: host of a one-hour public affairs talk show on the new SUN-TV network.

“The theme is one word,” said Levant: “Freedom. It’s about the individual and the State. And we’ll be able to talk to people all across the country.” The network and Levant’s new show premier April 18! …full story

Click here to listen to Ezra with Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill, including their discussion of the Leaders’ Debate, on RoadKill Radio archives.
You finance the destruction of your privacy—and bureaucrats think you don’t care!
British Columbia is in the forefront of a massive expansion of government accumulation of private information about citizens. The BC plan is beguilingly called, ‘Citizens @ the Centre: BC Government 2.0’

But what’s really at the centre is all your private and confidential information. And at the periphery will be tens of thousands of portals, giving bureaucrats access to your secrets.

Ms. Michael Vonn, Policy Director for the BC Civil Liberties Association, spent an hour on RoadKill Radio Tuesday night revealing hidden dangers in the system that the provincial government doesn’t want to talk about. …full story

Click here to listen to the whole hour interview on RoadKill Radio
Click here for the Citizens@the Centre: BC Government 2.0 document
Burnaby School District DECLINES RoadKill Radio’s request for an interview!!
Shock…gasp! Actually, no surprise here; it is amazing what happens when parents find out what is going on in their schools and informed media (RKR & LifeSite News) start to ask questions!

RoadKill Radio first talked about this issue on our March 15, 2011 broadcast when we first became aware of the Burnaby School District’s proposed ‘homophobia/heterosexism’ policy. Since that time, community associations and parents have united their efforts to put a stop to this absurd and dangerous policy.

In a recent correspondence declining our invitation to appear on RKR and explain the District’s reasoning behind this policy, the Burnaby School District states…full story

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