Apr 112011

Terry O’ says …

Not that you’d ever really seriously consider voting for Elizabeth Whatever and the Greens. But if their socialist economic policy, their destructionist environmental policy and their nanny-statist social policy haven’t been enough to turn you off, you might take a closer look at their aboriginal affairs policy, and consider the implications of the Greens’ decision to refer to our home continent, not as North America, but as “Turtle Island.” Next up: Kwanza as a Statutory Holiday?

  2 Responses to “Something’s a myth: Terry’s warning about Green gobbledygook”

  1. This sounds about right. I am not aware of any black people in my region who take Kwanzaa seriously; it seems rather a holiday for white elementary school teachers. Neither have I heard an aboriginal person dropping the term “Turtle Island” in casual conversation, but I suspect that it may become a common term in your children’s Grade Four classroom.

  2. The best part about the give the earth the rights is the required staffing and infrastructure to service ‘discovering and implementing those rights. Witness this article from today’s National Post

    Development and jobs and science in the moral hands of the UN, I think I recall the UN supervised child abuse rings in Africa and Bosnia.

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