Apr 052011

  1. SlutWalking?! Oh MY!
  2. Bayne Family Update! Oh NO!
  3. Political Rip and Roar! Oh YES!

Join Terry O’Neill & Kari Simpson!

Show #95 Part 1

Download Show #95 Part 1

7:30 – 8:30 pm: Yes! It is true, KATHIE SHAIDLE, Five Feet of (Fabulous) Fury, on RoadKill Radio!! If you are “offenciphobic” or suffer from “Mad S.O.W. Disease” do not tune in! Your condition could be positively affected! Topic: Slutwalk. Why: Because the rabid radical feministics – and a few delusional others – need help with a reality check! ISSUE 1: Dressing like a prostitute/slut just might get you treated like one. ISSUE 2: Dressing like a gang member (wearing gang colours, bandanas, tattoos…) might get you beat-up, arrested or shot. True in both scenarios! Let’s be honest for a change! Kathie Shaidle pours her own unique blend of Shaidle Special TRUTH Serum on this discussion (This RKR writer admits to a healthy addiction to her serum!). This is going to be fun!! Terry O might be blushing already!! Click here for Shaidle Fury on this subject! Click here* for a great laugh!

* Rated NS4PC – But, we think you should listen anyway!

Show #95 Part 2
Download Show #95 Part 2

8:30 – 8:55 pm: Bayne Family Update – BC tax-payers on the hook for $10,000(-ish) per month!! RoadKill Radio has been informed that the foster family now needs a “nanny”! Don’t we all! RKR Grrrr factor: 10 out of 10!

Show #95 Part 3
Download Show #95 Part 3

8:55 – 9:30 pm: Rip & Roar session with political commentator JOHN TWIGG as we explore B.C.’s political landscape of Christie Crunch politics and the Federal Election!

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